Aug 16, 2022

Eve's Secret (2014)


A lame photographer is obsessed with capturing a woman with pale skin (?).  He eventually finds his dream model, but she happens to be a psycho.

We begin at a very minimalist photography studio

Damon (Danny Pape) instructs his model Claire (Dillion Harper)

Damon talks about how he likes pale, porcelain skin. Which seems weird 

Claire is enamored by the photographer, gushing over Damon's talent and skill.

Damon takes the compliment graciously

Claire wants to see him again, but Damon seems uninterested

India (Chanel Preston) is an artist and girlfriend of Damon

India tells Damon he needs to chill out with this obsession over pale skin.  I agree with her - fuckin' weird.

They have sex on the couch

Damon shows India the photos of Claire and explains that they just won't do.  Her skin is too flawed.

Eve (Charlotte Stokely) prepares to have sex with Rock (Giovanni Francesco)

During sex Rock spanked her butt.  This makes Eve angry

She puts on a fake smile - then stabs Rock with a hypodermic needle

Eve gets dressed while watching Rock die a painful death.

India brings coffee to Damon's studio.

Eve is Damon's next model.

Eve gets undressed

Damon wants her to lay on this rug.

EVE: Can I ask what sort of effect you're going for?
DAMON: Contrast of flawless pale skin against the background of this black velvet
EVE: Have you had success so far?
DAMON: No. All the models I've shot so far are flawed, and they really don't have that pale translucence that I've been trying to capture.

Eve suggests he change the color of the rug.

Then they have sex

Breathtaking. Damon thinks these are his best photographs yet.

Damon says he wants the next photography session to be in the living room... and he wants India to be part of it. 

India agrees - even though she's there as contrast (flawed versus perfect skin)

After a few pictures they have sex

India tells Damon that he's becoming too obsessed with Eve

Eve makes a surprise visit

Damon situates her for another photo session.

But he wants to apply a brown cream to her skin to show the contrast.  Eve is not down with this.

After some pictures, Damon helps Eve wash off the brown (which looks like fucking shit stains). 

Afterwards, Eve provides more suggestions for Damon's pictures - but he doesn't take kindly to her butting in - saying she's just a model.  He's the artist.

Eve doesn't like to be insulted like that and stabs him with a hypodermic needle.

India arrives in the nick of time and beats Eve's ass.

India and Damon celebrate with wine, candles and sex.

The women are hot and often naked, but goddamn this story is almost intolerable.  Damon and his stupid search for "pale translucent skin" is just lame.  They should have played up Eve's psychotic tendencies a lot more.  


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