Aug 26, 2022

Eroticise (1983)


Kitten Natividad has some friends over and they do aerobics on her deck in various states of undress. Unlike Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout (1990) which at least tangentially tried to have a "story", this is basically a straight workout video.  If you lived in the eighties, you'll remember the endless amount of aerobics videos - each with its own celeb or gimmick. And what horny eighties teen can forget the early morning aerobics TV shows?  If the Natividad workout video had shown up on the local CBS affiliate sunrise workout slot, many teens would have died from coronary spasms - so it's probably a good thing this was on laser disc.

The five ladies show up for their aerobics workout.

The two brunettes do their stretches: Gigi Anthony in the front, Rita Gardner in the back. Here's the big mystery with this video: we know all four actresses except the mysterious Rita Gardner.  IMDb lists her as Rita Gardner the successful theater performer, but very doubtful that's her.  

The great Kitten Natividad

Rita and Kit Fargo

Gigi pokes through Kitten and Rita

Rita providing quite a view from behind.

Rita, the mysterious MVP of this video, gives a solo performance

Ashley St. Jon works out topless

Kit FargoGigi Anthony and Kitten Natividad do sit ups. 

Kitten Natividad is the first to get completely naked (minus those vital leg warmers)

Kit Fargo does the same

Everyone does it in the nude minus Gigi Anthony.

Ashley St. Jon is a goddess 

Afterwards, they all gather at the hot tub for some drinks. 

What the fuck Gigi Anthony?  You didn't get naked through the entire workout, but in the last five minutes you're all in?

Gigi makes up for lost time not being naked

Kitten Natividad says goodbye.

Yeah, that's right - I'm rating an aerobics video.  This is such a fine artifact of eighties erotica; so odd and dazzlingly sleazy.  This laserdisc should be in the smithsonian. 


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  1. I had a theory that Rita Gardner is actually burlesque artist Shannon Doah