Aug 21, 2022

Electric Blue 49 (1995)


Another episode of the British Electric Blue series, episode 49.  

It begins with a focus on Deborah (Maggie Longhurst) who's chilling in a pool.

This game is supposed to be funny, but may be the meanest game ever.

The host describes it as a game "where innocent and decent members of the public are shamelessly humiliated and embarrassed when they least expect it"

Straight-laced Janice Hall (Jo Phillips) is hired as a secretary at a fashion business.  She doesn't realize she's on camera and about to be publicly disgraced.

The host tells Janice they need her to model some fashion for a rich buyer.  It's an emergency.

Jance dutifully does as she's told.

The host says, "She likes it so much she's starting to enjoy the idea of being the new Cindy Crawford.  However, by the time we finish with her she's going to look more stupid than Michael Crawford."

Janice is talked into more and more revealing attire.

"Could you take your knickers off Janice? Yes, your knickers."

Janice does as she's told.

"Mr. Trudy wants to take a closer look at the goods to make sure he's satisfied."

The host says, "What a great sport you are Janice. How does it feel to made a complete burk in front of millions?"  This was abuse; she should sue.

The host isn't finished yet.  He's going to fling open the curtains to dressing rooms.  Isn't that a laugh?

Spotlight on Karen Partington

Spotlight on Sammi (Sammy Walker) who graces the cover of this video.

The photographer (Amanda Long) takes her pictures (perhaps for Razzle or Mayfair?)

Karen Partington says she needs a fancy dress at all costs. The clerk warns her that the only fancy outfit they have left may not be to her liking.

The punchline is that Karen's fancy dress is a dominatrix outfit.

"Tunnel of Love" - not to be confused with the Electric Blue movie by the same name in the (US 1987).

Katherine has come to stay with a friend. She finds a note stating she's away and to make herself at home.

Katherine sunbathes while she waits for her friend.

She falls asleep and dreams she's in a lagoon with a man.

Katherine is awaken by her friend (and husband) who've arrived home.

Spotlight on a lady named Cindy

Cindy packs her tennis supplies in the trunk.

Cindy relaxes at home.

Cindy gets a notion to start playing with herself.

And so it ends - with an advert for the equivalent of a 1-900 number.

I love the Electric Blue videos, both US and UK versions. The mid-nineties vibe is strong, and makes it all the more enjoyable.


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