Aug 31, 2022

Cathy Submissive Girl (1977)


(Original Title: Cathy, fille soumise) A girl is lured into prostitution by a violent pimp.  She escapes to a small village where the pimp finally catches up to her.  Featuring Brigitte Lahaie

Cathy (Erika Cool) is packing her bags.  She can't stand to work for this pimp Tony (Alban Ceray) anymore.
Tony smacks her around.  He's not going to let her leave that easy.

Tony and a couple goons take Cathy out to the woods and tie her up, then gang rape her.

After they're finished with her, they leave her for dead.

In a small village,  Mélanie (Brigitte Lahaie) is fooling around with a farmer named Simon (Gabriel Pontello) on a moving hay truck.

Later, Simon meets Cathy who has fled Paris and started a new life in the countryside.

Mélanie introduces Simon to Sophie (Sylvie Dessartre) who has arrived by train.

The three of them go to a barn and have sex.

Oh shit. Tony has finally found Cathy.

Cathy is abducted; grabbed from her bicycle and taken away.

Cathy is forced to perform for Tony and his goons.

Then she's once again gang raped

Meanwhile, Mélanie, Sophie and Julie Duchet are having sex

Cathy tells Simon about her checkered past and how she got involved with Tony.

She was a waitress in Paris

Tony seemed like such a cool guy.

He got her a modeling job.

But that turned out to be much more explicit than she expected.

And Tony turned out to be an abusive asshole pimp.

So, Simon rounds up the local rednecks to beat the shit out of Tony.

Mélanie, Sophie and Cathy watch with glee.

Tony is taken to a barn and tied up.  He's tortured and forced to watch everyone have sex.

Simon and Cathy go to the river and have sex.

Meanwhile, Tony drives home and dies in a car accident - his car flying off a cliff.

A happy ending

As with nearly all Alpha Blue flicks, it's filmed beautifully.  Simple film stock and quality can make all the difference.  That being said, this is mostly rapes and penetration by produce.  Perhaps not the most erotic film of all time - and as is often frustratingly the case, Lahaie just plays a supporting role.


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