Aug 31, 2022

Casey the Co-Ed 2 (2006)


We covered the original Casey the Co-Ed (2004) so may as well look at the sequel.  The original was notable in that it was released on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game system. It was on the UMD (Universal Media Disc) format, a discontinued optical disc by Sony for use on their PSP handheld platform. Needless to say, the sequel was not on this format - and to make this even less interesting, it might not even be a sequel.  We'll discuss later; let's have a look...

Casey (Veronika Raquel) has a crush on her neighbor Billy Collins, but he doesn't seem to notice she even exists.

Casey and her friend Maggie (Nicki Hunter) fantasize about hooking up with Bobby and his friends.

They imagine that they follow the boys to the lagoon.

Oops.  Casey seems to have dropped her bikini bottom.

Casey beckons to one of Bobby's friends.

Back to reality

Maggie tells her fantasy of hooking up with Bobby's friend..

And so it goes

They're snapped back to reality by the arrival of their friend Laura (Justin Poe

The fantasy is continued with Laura meeting them at the lagoon.

Laura presumes everyone has gone skinny dipping. So she undresses

Casey finds Laura playing with herself on the shore

They get to it.

The fantasy has gotten the three girls horny, so they fool around in bed

Back to reality; they fantasize one more time.

In this fantasy, Maggie runs into Bobby who tells her he likes chess. (?)

And so we get a completely surreal and out-of-place human chessboard scene

Bobby introduces himself at the beach. (But even this is a fucking fantasy)

Back to reality, the girls are saddened by the fact that Bobby and his friends don't even know they exist.

But there's a knock at the door...

It's Bobby and his boys! THE END

How do you even rate something that is nothing but badly filmed simulated sex scenes? What was interesting is the 2002 copyright at the end of the film.  So, if that's correct this was actually made before the original Casey the Co-Ed (2004).   Veronika Raquel's character really is named Casey, but I feel like this was retrofitted to be the sequel to the infamous PlayStation softcore film. Just a theory.


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