Aug 16, 2022

Boob Mania 2 (1994)


Just a rare piece of sexploitation ephemera featuring a bunch of British ladies and their assets. 

Jessica Juggs as Jessica Jewel

Jessica takes a bath and that's pretty much it.

I love that Jessica has a convenient telephone in her bathroom.

Some office worker named Michelle

Back to work.

Kiana Lee is in a photo shoot with a naked girl.

No idea who this chick is but she's have a blast.  The MVP of this video.

I mean this lady is having the time of her life, god bless her.

Back to boring Kiana Lee at her home.

Joy Karins just shuffles around a sofa

And finally some gal named Julie

Well there you have it.  The ladies are nice enough looking, but not really much more than a GIF version of Playboy.


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