Aug 21, 2022

Beverly Hills Wives (1985)


Amber Lynn plays a journalist who's writing an expose on the behind-the-scenes decadence of Beverly Hills.

Leslie Lords (Amber Lynn) is doing a scandalous expose on the decadent lifestyles of Beverly Hills elites.

She gets the dirt from aspiring actor Kelly McClarren (David Cannon) who serves as boy toy for a top agent named Edith Mercedes.

Leslie rewards Kelly's inability to keep secrets with a roll in the hay.

Elsewhere, Pamela (Honey Wilder) is an actress getting pounded by producer Barney Margolin (Herschel Savage)

Pamela is upset that the casting couch has only gotten her an opportunity for a small role.

Wannabe starlet Dixie Shane (Nikki Charm) has sex with Craig (Steve Drake), a self-obsessed actor who likes watching his own movies.

Edith Mercedes (Bridgette Monet) the "biggest agent in Beverly Hills" and her husband Barney who we say pounding away at Pamela earlier.

Edith goes shopping on Rodeo Drive where the narrator tells us more money is spent in a week than could feed the entire country of Uganda for a year.

Edith is ready to get it going with her boy toy Kelly

Afterwards, Edith promises Kelly an acting job.

Barney lays pipe with aspiring actress Dixie.

Leslie interviews Pamela

Pamela dishes the dirt then they have sex

Someone enters the room...

It's good ol' Craig - with the requisite French bread sticking out of the grocery sack.

I think you can imagine where it goes from here. THE END

Clearly this is not much more than a series of sex scenes, but the conceit of behind-the-scenes Hollywood expose is pretty fun - and the eighties styles are amazing. Couldn't ask for much more from a mid-eighties straight-to-VHS porno.


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