Aug 31, 2022

Anatomy of Hell (2004)


Pretentious up-its-own-asshole French film which is supposed to be a provocative exploration on sexuality.  Instead, it's just a lot of self-aware dialog and try-hard shocks.  But Amira Casar is fully naked throughout, so it's got that going for it.

Amira Casar plays The Woman. You know the film is going to shitty when they think they're being orginal by not giving the characters names.  Yes, I know this was based on a book.  I'm not in favor of book burnings - but this one may be an exception.

In the bathroom of the gay club, the woman slits her wrists. Rocco Siffredi as The Man (ugh) saves her life.

He takes her to the doctor

The woman offers to pay him a large sum of money if he'll just spend four nights at her seaside cottage and look at her.  She wants to explore their sexuality away from society and boundaries.

He agrees

The woman undresses

Amira Casar supplies a ridiculous amount of nudity in this film.

The man just watches her from the chair.

The bush reminds him of a nest, yada yada.  Spoiler, one of these birds dies.

Okay, so the guy is gay, and he's supposed to explain what it is about a woman which disgusts him. Lots of forced, self-aware language - like comparing her to a frog... no one fucking talks like this.

The man touches her vagina. Wow.

The woman falls asleep and the man explores her butthole.

He puts lipstick on her.  This lady must be quite the heavy sleeper.

The man plows her from behind

Then cries like a baby. Oh boy.

Day 2

The man once again waits for her to fall asleep.  This time he explores her vagina.

Day 3

They definitely kick things up a notch on the third day

The woman is on her period...

The man pulls a tampon from her cooch; they put it in a cup like a teabag and drink it.  Oh-so-very-shocking.

At long last he finally fucks her.

The man returns on the final day and finds her gone.

The final scene has him pushing her off the cliff.  I'm not sure if this is supposed to be really happening or what.  Don't care.  Just glad it's over. 

Amira Casar is completely naked for almost the entirety of the film, so it doesn't feel right to give this just one star.  Otherwise, I absolutely hated this try-hard, boring ass, piece of shit.  I'm sure there are film studies majors who will call this a masterpiece, and they're entitled to their opinion.  But so am I - and this movie is garbage.


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