Jul 24, 2021

Wife by Day, Lover by Night (1977)


(Original Title: Esposa de día, amante de noche)  A Spanish romance about a married couple who experience a multitude of temptations in their work, but try to remain faithful.

Sara (Fiorella Faltoyano) and Jorge (Francisco Cecilio) are a happy couple celebrating ten years of marriage.

Their two kids won't leave them alone, but Paquita (Ivonne Sentis) the maid fends them off.

Sara and Jorge take the kids to the amusement park.

At work, Jorge is tempted by his hot secretary Clara (María Rey).

Sara is flirted with by Enrique (Blaki) at her job.

But the real sexual predator at the office is Federico (Juan Luis Galiardo.

He wants a piece of Sara big time.

Sara and Jorge go to dinner with Federico and his wife...

Back at home, Jorge admires his wife's body as she undresses.

After ten years, their love is still strong.

Paquita (Ivonne Sentis) the maid has a crush on Jorge.

Jorge is oblivious to her flirtations.

She shows him some leg, but it goes nowhere.

Again by the TV, but still no reaction from Jorge.

After being flirted with (translation: sexually harassed) all day, Sara returns home.

Sara and Lina talk about their husbands at the gym.

Lina gets Sara needlessly pissed off at Jorge.

She makes him sleep on the couch.

She knows deep down this is wrong. 

So they arrange a romantic getaway at a hotel.

Lots o' nice nudity from Fiorella Faltoyano in this film.

Federico and Sara have to go on a business trip together.  Jorge and Lina see them off at the airport.

This leaves Jorge alone with Lina. This could be a problem.

Jorge goes back to Lina's place where she undresses.

She opens her robe and tries to seduce Jorge.

Lina is outraged to find that Jorge won't take the bait.

Federico, Enrique and Sara the computer facility.

She manages to evade the constant advances from the men and gives Jorge a call from her hotel room - but no answer.

Jorge is with Clara.

Jorge takes Clara home where she gets naked.

Jorge regains his senses and aborts the sexual encounter.  Clara is in disbelief. 

Sara is also in the midst of seduction - from a dude named Anthony (Carlos Ballesteros).

Jorge is tempted yet again - this time by Paquita, waiting naked for him in bed.

Jorge puts a stop to it.

Sara and Jorge are reunited at the airport. THE END

Would this movie be worth a damn without the frequent nudity from Fiorella Faltoyano? It certainly wouldn't be as good, but it's still a pleasant story.  You do actually root for Jorge and Sara; there is a genuineness here which makes the story absorbing and worth a watch.


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