Jul 18, 2021

The Donor (1985)


(Original Title: El Donante) Andrés Pajares stars in this Spanish comedy about a playboy who donates his penis, but finds that he still needs his unit in the afterlife.

Tato Montini (Andrés Pajares) is a famous radio host and music promoter.

He introduces this awful punk band.

Tato notices this old dude in the audience flanked by a beautiful brunette (Susana Castillo) and a blonde.

Tato initiates a massive ruckus and slips out with the girls, leaving the poor old man wondering where his ladies went.

He takes them back to his place.

Lucas (Alfonso del Real), Tato's manservant, wakes him up in the morning.

Tato is chauffeured to his next gig with his personal assistant Mirian (Silvia Marsó)

Also headed to meet Tato is the unscrupulous Severo Povedano (José Sazatornil) of the "Members Corporation" who forces himself ahead of two nuns to get the first cab.  Hilariously, the older nun shouts expletives as the cab drives away.

Tato arrives surrounded by throngs of fans.  Severo lurks around the corner but is unable to talk to Tato alone.

Tato is, always, absolutely molested by any women he works with.

Chaos erupts backstage when the punk band plus chorus girls use the same dressing room.

Mirian makes a move to kiss him, but it falls flat with Tato just confused and unresponsive.

Three naked ladies surprise him for his birthday.

Tato learns that Mirian has returned.  He rushes the girls out onto the balcony to hide.

She's brought him a birthday present.

The girls stand out in the cold, warming themselves by the candles.

Mirian leaves, Tato brings the girls back in, and the fun resumes.

The fun is again interrupted.  This time by a phone call...

It's Severo.  He just won't leave Tato alone.

Tato begs him to stop, to leave him alone.

Miran drives Tato to work.

Tato catches sight of her legs, and suddenly he's looking at Mirian quite differently.

She takes dictation...

Again, Tato is laser-focused on her legs.

He can control himself no longer and literally grabs her crotch.

Later, Severo from the "Members Corporation" finally catches up with Tato.  He requests that Tato donate his penis after his death to their new bank for the good of humanity.

Tato agrees, and has to show Severo the goods before the deal is complete.

Running late, Tato jumps into an elevator shaft and falls to his death.

He winds up in the afterlife.

Past the pearly gates, Tato is led to paradise.  An idyllic forest where girls run around nude.

Tato is shown to his quarters.

He is horrified to find that, thanks to his recent donation agreement, he has no dick! 

The deceased ladies lounge around.  Among them is a virgin; played by Emma Ozores, daughter of the great Antonio Ozores.

The virgin decides she wants to lose her virginity to Tato.

The virgin shows up at Tato's door.

The others watch from the window.

The virgin comes on strong.

She basically attacks Tato, who resists (since he is sadly dickless).

Tato slips free and all the ladies chase after him.

In his frantic escape, Tato falls off a cliff.

And he's back to the land of the living again.

He's horrified to find Severo at his bed who has come for his penis.  He tries to kill Tato...

Tato resists, the doctor arrives and is able to pull him away.  Tato is saved. THE END

A lot of fun, but really kind of an unfocused mess.  I mean, the first three-fourths of the film are really nothing more than Tato's fabulous playboy life, with no semblance of a plot whatsoever. I love Pajares, and a lot of other Spanish comedic talent is on display throughout, but they're not given much to work with. 


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