Jul 24, 2021

The Demons (1973)


A Jesús Franco film about a possessed nun seeking revenge; featuring a goodly amount of masochism and torture.

The film begins with a woman accused of being a witch burned at the stake.

Lord Justice Jeffries (Cihangir Gaffari) the grand inquisitor.

Sister Kathleen (Anne Libert) is summoned to his chamber and told to undress.

Kathleen and her sister Margaret are actually the daughters of the woman burned at the stake.  They have been taken in to the Blackmoor convent since childhood.

The diabolical Jeffries takes Kathleen back to the bedroom and his way with her.

Lady De Winter (Karin Field) is another sadistic monster

She inspects a couple of the nuns.

Kathleen is accused of being a witch and tortured.

Jesús Franco does his trademark bush-zoom throughout this film.

Thomas Renfield (Alberto Dalbés) falls in love with Kathleen and enables her to escape.

He has sex with Lady De Winter.

The sexually frustrated and confused Mother Rosalinda (Doris Thomas)

She writhes in bed, full of pent up sexual frustration.

Sister Margaret (Carmen Yazalde AKA Britt Nichols), Kathleen's sister.

She's visited by the devil.

The devil promptly mounts her from behind.

Margaret is no longer a holier-than-thou nun; she's full of satanic sexual energy.

Margaret is visited by Mother Rosalinda.

They get to it.

After a little foreplay, Rosalinda stops the encounter and runs frantically out of the room.

Down in Jeffries' torture dungeon

Lady de Winter meets with him about getting Renfield and Kathleen back.

Lady de Winter holds a gluttonous feast. Margaret attends.

Lady de Winter gets with Margaret upstairs.

Possessed by satanic powers, Margaret kills Lady de Winter, turning her into a skeleton.

They find only her skeletal remains.

Franco regular Howard Vernon makes an appearance as Lady de Winter's husband.

A random tortured woman in the inquisitor's dungeon. 

Franco employs his trusty bush-zoom lens.

Margaret skeletalizes another of her mother's accusors.

The villagers mob Margaret, declaring that she is a witch.

Margaret is stripped and laid before Jeffries.

There is just not a lot going on here other than women getting naked.  As always, let's be clear - that's not such a bad thing.  However, the plot is pretty threadbare even for a Franco flick. Worse, Franco chooses to turn "off" his stylistic proclivities to instead film very flatly.  When Franco gets the urge to get artsy, he can do it as good as any Euro-sleaze director.  But sometimes he just phones it in, which he certainly does here.  Still, a goddamn profusion of full frontal nudity from start to finish, so it's hard to be too mad.

  . ★★★★★☆6/10

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