Jul 10, 2021

Strategy for a Deadly Mission (1979)


(Original Title: Strategia per una missione di morte) An Italian action film featuring secret agents mowing down Arabs with machine guns and Florence Cayrol constantly in a state of gratuitous nudity.

Diplomatic agreements between arabs and western Daddy Warbucks goes awry.  

Cocky secret agent Richard Benson (Richard Harrison) is called up on to complete a deadly mission - to destroy the sheikh's oil refinerly.

In the Middle East, Benson teams up with Lorna (Florence Cayrol), another agent.

This is Lorna's first mission.  Benson initiates her in the hotel room.

 Florence Cayrol is naked a lot in this movie; with lots of views from behind for some reason. I guess director Luigi Batzella was an assman.

Benson and Lorna are attacked by a group of thugs.  Benson, of course, wins handily in the fist fight. Lorna jumps in a nearby river.

Another round in the bedroom.

Lorna and Benson meet up with three other secret agents Paul (Gordon Mitchell), Hansen (Jean-Marie Lemaire), and Chris (Michel Charrel) who will be helping them get behind enemy lines to destroy the refinery.

Hilariously, they all pile into a VW bug.

Then it's off on a stealth boat ride.

Arriving onshore, Lorna inexplicably takes off nearly all her clothes.

The arabs find them and hold the spies at gunpoint.

Benson springs into action.

Lorna holds her own, karate chopping in the nude.

In the midst of the fighting, one of the bad guys decides he'd like to go ahead and rape Lorna.  Fortunately, she's about to escape.

The spies get a jeep and venture further into the desert.

They're captured by a sheikh and his nomadic warriors.

The sheikh takes a liking to Lorna.

Lorna gives him what he wants.

After the sheikh falls asleep, Lorna quietly grabs a dagger.

She stabs the sheikh and rescues her spy colleagues.

Back to the mission, they're joined by another spy, Louis (Gino Turini).

They waste a ton of arabs on horseback.

They finally reach their destination: the refinery.

Hansen rigs it with the explosives.

Mission accomplished.  The refinery explodes, but Lorna is shot dead.

Benson gives a sad introspective look. Then he returns home, only to be double-crossed in the end. 

A less interesting band of spies you will not find.  They should have made one a ninja, one a tech expert, one a master of disguise... you know the drill.  But these guys are all duds; and Benson is just swaggering doofus. At least there's Lorna, who is nude a ridiculous amount of screen time. The whole movie goes like this: [spies traveling/corny banter] then [poorly choreographed fight scene] then [Lorna gets naked].  Shuffle, repeat.


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