Jul 24, 2021

Specimen: Female (1971)

A seventies version of the "roughie" from the previous decade, featuring sexploitation all-star Terri Johnson.  It is loosely based on The Collector (1965). 

Ferg Milsac = prolific porn director Richard Mailer

Like Terrence Stamp in The Collector, Ronald (Doug Darush) wants to collect females like he does butterflies.

Ronald gathers chloroform and other items.

On the pretense of an anti-war movement, Ronald surveys Kris (Carmen Olivera) who happens to be walking down the alley.

He knocks Kris out with the chloroform and stuffs her in the back of his van.

Randomly, Kris goes into an acid trip state.

In the trip, she has sex with a weird superhero called The Purple (Robert Nelson).

Back to reality - Ronald has Kris tied up in his kitchen.

He tears off her clothing and rapes her.

On Hollywood Blvd. Ronald eats with his friend Jeff (Jason Yukon).

Jeff comments on a hot girl named Evelyn (Terri Johnson) walking down the street.

Ronald finds Evelyn hitchhiking.

He forcefully carries her to Jeff's mechanic shop.  Jeff is horrified, but Ronald doesn't understand his displeasure thinking he's done his friend a favor bringing him the girl he liked.

Evelyn tries to escape.

She caught and tied to the car lift.

She's raped by both of them.

Jeff and Ronald have the most boring conversation ever recorded on celluloid.

While the guys talk, Evelyn and Kris struggle to get free in another room.

Kris breaks free.  Instead of escaping, she goes down on Evelyn. Good plan.

Evelyn now untied, takes her turn on Kris.

The boys arrive and join in the fun.

After a gross foursome, Kris grabs a broken bottle and kills Ronald. THE END

Excessively offensive and problematic, but (1) it's done so cheesily it's hard to take serious, and (2) it's the seventies, so yeah.  You want something fit for the dirtiest, seediest drive-in in town? Her it is.


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