Jul 22, 2021

Si las mujeres mandaran (o mandasen) (1982)


A role-reversal movie set in the future.  As in Reverse Sex (1982) from Brazil, the men are the homemakers and the women the cigar smoking brutes.

It's the end of the 21st century; women have triumphed over men.  Marcelo (José Sazatornil) is stuck being a homemaker and getting groceries.

His wife María (Claudia Islas) is a stern military commander.

Maria wears the pants in the family, and Marcelo is much abused.

One day, Marcelo meets Agustina (Amparo Muñoz), an archaeologist who is inexplicably attracted to him.

Marcelo slaps her when she gets too forward.  But she won't give up so easily.

Maria goes to see a male burlesque act.

Maria is cheating on Marcelo with Sancho (Fernando Poal).

A brief cameo from Pilar Alcón

Agustina follows Marcelo to church.  She's always accompanied by her robot.

Marcelo is confused, and he just wants her to leave him alone.

Maria is confronted by some evidence Marcelo has found...

These appear to be male underwear.  Sancho's no doubt.

Little weird touches like this to indicate we're in the future. And more...

In the future we will have high-tech watches like this.

This is how we will communicate.

Maria wants to have sex, but Marcelo isn't in the mood.  He has a headache.

So, Maria turns on the monitor which instructs the couple to have sex immediately under legal mandate. The figure on the screen directs them to remove their clothing.

Maria gets naked.

Marcelo also complies.

The way sex is performed is the couple holds hands with the woman on top.  They chew a tablet and basically just stay still.

Marcelo finds himself thinking about Agustina naked...

The monitor announces that the time is up.

The couple mechanically disengages.

Doing ironing, Marcela finds Sancho's underwear once again.

Agustina out golfing with her robot as caddy.

Agustina is finally able to get Marcelo to her place at the department of archaeology.

She explains to Marcelo why she has become obsessed with him.

At an archaeological dig in Australia she came across the remains of human male fossil - which looks identical to Marcelo.  She believes he is the archetype of the male from those days long ago.

She has also discovered a lot about how they made love back then.  It wasn't chewing tablets and holding hands.  She asks if he'll work with her to rediscover this lovemaking method.

Marcelo agrees.

Agustina shows him the instructions on the montior.

Time for what they used to call intercourse.

But they are interrupted by Maria.

Maria challenges Agustina to a duel.

Agustina finds that her dueling weapon is malfunctioning.

The nurse tests it out and accidently shoots Agustina.

She dies in the arms of her robot.

The robot gives Agustina the "up yours" gesture.

Marcelo goes on to lead the men's liberation movement.

And so we've come full circle. THE END

Not nearly as sleazy and over-the-top as Reverse Sex (1982), but still interesting in its own quirky way. I enjoyed its depiction of the future; although it's commentary on gender roles is a bit problematic. Saza is great as always, and Muñoz is gorgeous.


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