Jul 30, 2021

Secrets of the Satin Blues (1981)


(original title: Les folies d'Élodie) A French film about a pair of talking blue panties which make the wearer and those in its presence wildly amorous. Based on the novel Les Mémoires d'une culotte by. Aymé Dubois Jolly. 

Rich lady Elodie (Marcha Grant)

She buys a pair of blue satin panties she sees in a store window.  The panties apparently are an intelligent entity as it can think and talk (although, humans cannot hear it).

Elodie goes home to try them on, and we get a great full frontal from Marcha Grant.

Wearing the panties she visits Edouard (André Génovès) an artist

Her daughter Corinne (Charlotte Walior) tries on the panties and gets aroused in bed.  You'll remember Walior from Roger Vadim's Surprise Party (1983).

Elodie is visited by her sassy and spunky friend Solange (Denyse Roland).

She loans Solange the panties.

Solange immediately goes out and has sex.

Elodie's cocky neighbor Paul (Daniel Beretta) gets a hold of the panties.

Paul's fiancée (Julie Margo) comes over, and he's instantly on her.

When she spies the blue panties she suspects another woman, and yells at Paul.

The panties land into the hands of Elodie's maid, Rose (Caroline Aguilar).

Elodie and Rose make love.

They're briefly interrupted when Corinne enters the room.

But they get right back to it.

Corinne wears the panties now, and gets intimate with Rose.

Elodie screws Corinee's boyfriend Philippe (Bruno de Stabenrath) a virgin.

Elodie's husband Georges (Yves Massard) sees Rose cleaning the bathtub.

One thing leads to another.

Elodie and Solange have sex by the fire.

Corinne and Philippe go to the beach.

Wearing only the blue pantis, Corinne frolics in the sand topless.

Then all the clothes come off.

Corinne lies nude in bed that evening.

Philippe sneaks in.

But they are caught before they can get going.

Solange takes Elodie to a vacant truck and they have sex inside the cab.

Rose and Georges are still going strong.

Edonard is drawing somebody's backside, but who?


Philippe and Corinne get married.

Getting into the limo, her dress rips and we see Corinne is wearing the blue panties.

Wow, that was pretty stupid.  How is this a novel? It reminded me a lot of another French film, Love Circles (1985).  Instead of a pair of panties, it followed the path of a pack of cigarettes and the sexual adventures as it landed from one person to the next.  


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