Jul 18, 2021

¡Qué tía la C.I.A.! (1985)


A Fernando Esteso comedy utilizing the well-worn gag of having a hapless oaf unknowingly brought into the action-filled world of espionage.

A man is killed and a mole from his chest is removed.

The "mole" is brought to a woman in the backseat of a car (Concha Rosales). 
She then places the mole on her cheek.  Indeed, this is no ordinary mole - it contains a top secret microfilm!

Elsewhere, we meet Carlos del Campo (Fernando Esteso), who may be the wimpiest man alive.  He faints at the sight of blood.

He works as a salesman for a cheese factory.  The factory's owner is forcing Carlos to marry his morbidly obese daughter  Carlos is too wimpy and spineless to say no.

Manuel Álvarez (Antonio Ozores) is a private detective hired by the factory owner to make sure Carlos makes it to the wedding.

Manuel takes Carlos to the town where he'll be forcibly married.  Also driving down this same road is the secret agent with the microfilm mole.

The agent knows they've been spotted by the enemy and must dump the mole.  Carlos is the first idiot she finds.

Pretending to want sex, she takes the mole off her cheek and secretly plants it on his back.

The microfilm transfer has brought the attention of two secret agents, Hertha Hitler (Brita Jensen) and Gaspar Melchor (Juanito Navarro).

They introduce themselves under false pretenses.

They follow Carlos and Manuel.

The bad agency has gotten a hold of Manuel and Carlos, attaching them to a device which will get closer and closer to cutting their dicks off - unless they reveal the location of the microfilm.  Of course they don't know anything about the top secret info.

Hertha and Gaspar are able to save them right before the blade amputates their dicks.

Carlos and Hertha hide out in a camper.

Carlos slyly is ably to get Hertha out of her clothes and into the bed.

While having sex, their camper is actually picked up and transported by a truck.

They're able to escape, but it's out of the frying pan and into the frier.

Prostitutes are tasked with finding the microfilm on Carlos' body.

The head prostitute reports back that she was unable to find the microfilm.

So, Manuel, Carlos and Gaspar are prepared to be blown up.

Hertha arrives in the nick of time.

Hertha opens the curtain while Carlos is taking a shower.  But she's not like Norman Bates...

She just wants his mole.  At last, they've found the microfilm.

Just then the bad guys arrive and attack Hertha.

Carlos grabs the knife and stabs him in the back.

Carlos can't believe he didn't faint at the sight of blood.  This adventure has really changed him.

They have sex.

Carlos shows up at the wedding and informs the cheese factory boss (Alfonso del Real) that he will not be marrying his fat daughter.

Another spy adventure begins.  Carlos is now a full fledged international man of mystery.  He shoots the bad guys and jumps into the car with Hertha. THE END

The hapless spy, the 'man who too little' trope is a bit overused.  So, the comedy comes off as pretty predictable.  That being said, Fernando Esteso is a comic genius who can easily polish this turd with his talent. They are also pretty frugal with the sleaze in this film.  So, a decent comedy, but nowhere near the top of the destape genre.

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