Jul 30, 2021

Love Letters of a Nun (1976)


(Original Title: Cartas de amor de una monja) A nun gets a hankering for sex and wrestles with the sinfulness of it all. 

1640 Spain: The trouble all started when Mother Superior Mariana de la Cruz (Analía Gadé) watches her sister's last embrace with her dead husband.  The "embrace" turns nearly to necrophilia and Mariana finds herself oddly aroused.

Mariana doesn't know what to make of these sinful thoughts. She writes to a priest.

Father Agustín Rojas (Alfredo Alcón) doesn't know how to handle this disturbing confession.

María (Lina Romay), a novice at the convent.

Maria goes to Mariana's room and erupts into a fit of demonic possessession. 

Maria masturbates with a crucifix.

Mariana is able to keep the naked possessed girl at bay until help arrives.

Maria is condemned by the Inquisition.

Augustin hears Mariana's confession behind a spiked grate.

Mariana brings up some valid points, such as why desire is considered a sin.  The two become madly attracted to each other.

Okay, so fast forward for the next thirty fucking minutes.  Things get incomprehensibly boring, with Mariana writing a bunch of letters, coming to terms with her lust, etc. (yawn)

This next scene was unexpected to say the least.  Mariana shaves her pubic hair then sun bathes on the convent roof completely nude.

Very shocking to see such a close-up of Analía Gadé's crotch.

To preserve his reputation (and life), Augustin gets the hell outta Dodge.

Mariana is raped and murdered (!)

Mariana is beatified after her death.

On the plus column, we have Analía Gadé's shaved vagina close-up.  On the negative column... oof.  So incredibly boring.  Maybe if I'd been able to stay awake and pay attention, I'd have been blown away by its brilliant writing.  Instead, my experience was that the 30-plus minutes between Lina Romay's possession and Gadé's shocking close-up were one big boring blur.


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