Jul 11, 2021

Las Siete Cucas (1981)


A Mexican film about a widow and her six beautiful daughters who open a brothel in order to make ends meet. 


Cuco (David Reynoso) has a lovely wife Cuca (Isela Vega) and six super fine daughters.

All his daughters are constantly besieged by horny townsfolk.   Angélica Chain plays one of Cuco's daughters.

Cuco gets caught cheating when his fat partner dies in bed.  Cuco is overcome with guilt.

Cuca, who is no angel herself, consoles him.

The family watches as Cuco commits suicide.

Riding a donkey, he puts on a noose.

After the funeral, the family finds themselves penniless.

The family washes their clothes by a stream. Angélica Chain gets naked.

Julita (Nadiuska) and the other church ladies are horrified to see the sisters naked in a public spot.

Julita and Cuca fight it out in the stream, where Cuca's top comes off.

As a last resort for money, Cuca opens a brothel.

All the men in the town, including the mayor, are beside themselves.  Cuco's daughters are finally for sale!

Cuca resumes the affair she was carrying on before Cuco's suicide.  She makes all patrons of the brothel pay their respects to her departed husband's shrine.

Blanca Guerra rides one of the patrons, while Chencha (Merle Uribe) glumly watches from the sidelines.

Patricia Rivera explains to Chencha that she can't partake in the prostitution.  The youngest daughter must stay a virgin so she can get married and carry on Cuco's line.

Maria (Isaura Espinoza) consoles Maimón (Alberto Rojas) who is struggling with guilt.

Soon he and Maria are having a great old time in the sack.

The brothel has basically shut down the whole town.  Every single adult male can't bring themselves to leave the establishment.

Julita and the other holier-than-thou women have had about enough.

Cuca talks to her late husband; he would be pleased today...

The youngest of Cuco's daughters is getting married. THE END

Pretty lame.  Not nearly as sleazy as it should have been; especially with Angélica Chain in the ranks. Its worst offense is how ridiculously dark it is.  Why did they film everything in the fucking dark? Why?  It's so awful. So, yeah - not funny, precious little nudity, and you can barely see half the film.

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