Jul 16, 2021

J.R. Strikes Back (1983)


(Original Title: J.R. contraataca) Sequel to They Call Him J.R. (1982).  This time JR has his suffered a dick injury and must avoid looking at beautiful women to avoid further pain and death. As always, everyone around him is plotting to steal his fortune.

You'll recall the first film left on a cliffhanger with J.R. (Pepe Da Rosa) in a car accident.

JR survives, but there's a complication.  He damaged his privates, and sex or even an erection could prove lethal.

JR returns home with a mysterious bodyguard, El Enano (José Carabias) "The Dwarf" whose job it is to keep JR from being around sexy women.

This is going to be especially difficult with the new maid Doncella (Cristina Cottrelli) around. Cottrelli was Miss Spain 1981 and the pool victim in Pieces.

Enano tries protect JR, but it's a losing battle.

You'll recall JR's office is full of gorgeous secretaries.

Enano blindfolds JR so he won't have to look at them.

JR explains to his secretaries that they will all have to start wearing burkas to work due to his condition.

Cristina (Pilar Alcón) arrives.  You'll recall that she was JR's main squeeze among the secretaries.

She sheds her clothing.

But it's no use.  JR won't budge.

JR's wife Elena (María Salerno) is still cheating on him, plotting with her man how to bilk JR out of his fortune.

Luci (Ana Gracia) doesn't have much to do in this film except smoke pot and fool around with her boyfriend.

Ana Gracia provided the first film's only nude scene.  Sadly no such luck in this film.

That honor goes to María Salerno this time around.  Elena smokes weed and shows her boobs.

Canela (Mónica Cano) and Tobi (Guillermo Montesinos) are relegated to a just a couple pointless scenes.

Eli, JR's mother, is worried about him.  So she encourages Doncella to seduce him, to see if he still is a "man".

JR is basically off women now.  He's in bed with curlers and has no interest in Doncella.

Doncella breaks down and cries.

JR lets the weeping maid into bed.  This certainly didn't go the way Eli had hoped.

Eli calls upon Doctor Anacleto (Miguel Rellán) and his smoking hot nurse, Purita (Beatriz Escudero).

Eli has Enano step aside and let the medical professionals do their thing.

Purita gets into something sexy and puts JR to the test.

This scene is smoking hot. Beatriz Escudero is amazing as always.

But it's no use.  JR wants none of it.

 A surreal courtroom scene with JR on trial.  

The lawyer (Fernando Sala) calls Elena to the witness stand where she promptly takes off her clothes while the gallery cheers.

Anacleto shows JR a series of slides to determine if he's gay.

Jorge (Antonio Garisa) has champagne with Doncella.

Not if Eli has anything to say about it.

JR finally has his sex drive restored.

Anacleto presents JR's unique case at a conference.

JR then proceeds to fuck the three ladies in the front row so hard they're hospitalized.

JR finds out he's been double-crossed by Enano.

Enano gets the money and the girl - Elena.

Will Enano get away with it?  Again, we're left with a cliffhanger.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a third film, so we'll never know. 

Kind of a shame the series ends here, as it definitely showed much improvement from part one.  While it's still unbelievably stupid, JR Strikes Back is more skillfully put together.  The T&A was also kicked up a few notches (yet still kept to just one topless scene). 

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