Jul 16, 2021

Jet Marbella Set (1991)


A throwaway Spanish comedy about a couple of hapless shysters who get wrapped up in a criminal enterprise.

The film opens with Enrique (Antonio Ozores) in bed with Marilla (Ana Vasoni).  This is easily the film's best moment and it's all downhill from here.

We get a long full frontal scene courtesy Ana Vasoni.

Marilla attempts to spray Enrique's tired and flacid dick, but makes it worse.

The doorbell rings and Enrique hides in the bathroom.

Marilla answers the door butt naked and finds Enrique's wife Paloma (Adriana Vega) who has come to give him a piece of her mind.


Enrique's business partner is Luis (Guillermo Montesinos).  They have all manner of shady money making operations.

Luis shows a couple one of the rooms at a fancy Marbella apartment.

The woman (Neus Asensi) is actually not this dude's wife. And he's not really looking to lease an apartment.

Instead he's just using it to shag this call girl.

Luis awkwardly leaves as these two go at it.

Enrique and Luis wind up doing business with a sheikh called The Desert Lion (Rafael Castejón). 

Of course they're clueless of the sheikh's sinister operations, distracted by his topless harem.

Luis and Enrique help a woman, Ina Torrejón (Rosa Campillo), with a specific problem.

Such a boring side story.  The destape mojo has truly been lost by '91.

The guys help Cristina (Marcela Walerstein) get a modelling gig.

Little do they realize, they're basically getting her a spot in a sex slavery operation.

Paloma (Adriana Vega) is getting undressed.

She realizes she's being spied on - no doubt hired by her no-good husband Enrique. So, she gives her would-be spy a call to come over.

Miguel (Juan Carlos Martín), who was hired by Enrique to spy, can't resist.

The final big scene takes place at their modeling show.  Alfonso del Real makes a cameo as a banker.

The confrontation with the sheikh. 

The girls locked up under his sex slave operation are able to subdue the sheikh's goons.  A happy ending. (yawn)

Good things don't last forever.  The Spanish destape/sex-comedy golden age lasted a relatively short time: the very late seventies through the mid eighties.  By 1991, as mentioned, it's lost its mojo.  The film starts with an incredible nude scene, then just levels-out into a very bland, unoriginal yawnfest. I'm a huge fan of Ozores - both the actor Ozores and the director Ozores, but maybe they should have quit while they were riding high in the eighties. It looks as though this is one of their last destape style ventures, so maybe it took this shitty film for them to realize the magic is gone.


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