Jul 10, 2021

İntikam (1977)


(AKA Askin Sesini Dinleme - Listening to the Voices of Love) It's been a while since we've looked at Turkish exploitation, so let's get to it.  Intikam (Revenge) is a soap-opera with some action and nudity. Nothing more nothing less, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Kemal (Ünsal Emre) is a handsome stud lounging by the docks like he's modeling for the 1977 JC Penney catalog.

Kemal has fallen in love with Nuran (Figen Han), his friend's wife.

That doesn't stop Kemal from bedding her down.

Nuran's husband (Tarik Simsek) is a brutish asshole.

Sex is unsatisfying for Nuran.

Kemal, always down in the dumps, is supported by a loving lady friend (Necla Fide).

What's it gonna take for Necla to get Kemal to feel better?

Well, that's a good start.

But afterwards, Kemal is back to brooding.  Brooding about the day he was betrayed...

He and his friends had landed a king's ransom at sea.

But Kemal was hit upside the head with a rock, and the treasure taken. He would have died had Necla not found him.

Tarik suspects Nuran is fooling around with Kemal.  

He puts a hit out on Kemal.

The hitman (Tevfik Sen) is busy having sex with an anonymous floozy 

The hitman surprise attacks Kemal.

But Kemal is total badass and wins the battle armed only with a stick.

Kemal traces the bounty for the hit back to Tarik.

The ruckus gets Nuran aroused and she strips for Kemal out in the woods.

Then they have sex with some groovy Hammond organ vibes.

Another battle, and Kemal is again victorious.

Kemal leaves and Tarik is gunned down by a mysterious figure at the window.

Kemal is blamed and locked up.  Necla is there for him as always.

Then the real killer (Özcan Özgür) shows himself and attacks Nuran.  The police arrive just in time.

Kemal is cleared of the charges.  Now that he's a free man and Tarik is out of the picture, what will he do? Well he get with Nuran or Necla? Watch to find out.

 As far as seventies exploitation goes, you could do a lot worse.  I can see this being enjoyable at the drive-in.  A pity they don't make stuff like this anymore in Turkey.


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