Jul 18, 2021

Diabolic Nymphs (1978)


(Original Title: Ninfas Diabólicas) Brazilian movie starring the great Aldine Muller, also Patricia Scalvi. A family man is lured by two sirens by the sea; what starts as a harmless fling ends up getting dark.

Two schoolgirl hitchhikers

Ursula (Aldine Muller)

Rodrigo (Sérgio Hingst) is off to work.

First he drops his kids off at school.

He picks up the hitchhikers and they get playful.  He lets Ursula drive while reaching up her skirt.

They go down to the beach where Rodrigo gets it on with Ursula.

She teases him, having him chase her naked.

Circe watches; looking a bit creepy.

Ursula and Rodrigo make love on the beach.

Circo masturbates in an abandoned house.

Rodrigo decides he's had enough fun and gets in his car to leave.  But it won't start.

He follows Circe as she walks into the jungle.

He watches her skinny dip.

She tells Rodrigo she can't be with him; they must kill Ursula.

They find Ursula butt naked on the beach and corner her.

Circe slams a rock down upon Ursula's head, killing her.

Rodrigo can't believe what he's just done.  He calls Circe crazy and runs off.

Circe follows him.

A very macabre and disturbing scene as we watch the tide pull away the dead naked body of Ursula.

Circe is able to pull Rodrigo back in; he's a sucker for those titties. 

They drive away together.

On the road, they take one last look upon the beach.

But there seems to be somebody in the backseat.

It's Ursula!

Ursula hits them over the head with a rock. The car veers off the road, down a cliff.

Next, we see Circe and Ursula back along the road hitchhiking again.  This time it looks like they have reversed roles.  We I guess are to believe the girls are ghosts, or some kind of demonic sirens.  

A very effective, creepy vibe.  Precious little dialog, ill-fitting music, and a slow-build to a memorably brutal end.  Admittedly it takes forever to get going; you're nearly halfway through before they're even at the beach.  However, it's well worth the wait. 


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