Jul 16, 2021

Deseo (1976)


I'm game for anything with the great Emma Cohen.  A My Tutor (1983) type film where a young student is seduced by his teacher.

Young Luis (Jaime Gamboa) sees a beautiful woman on the street.

He follows the woman, Marta (Emma Cohen), around town before finally talking to her.

Luis is surprised when his father, Antonio (Ángel Aranda), introduces him to his new tutor - and it's Marta.

Marta and Antonio have a thing going.

Luis catches a glimpse of Marta getting changed.  His pubescent hormones are sent into overdrive.

Marta takes Luis to the beach. 

We see Marta in the changing room.  This is the first of many gratuitous topless shots of Emma Cohen.  So many that it would make a great drinking game.

Marta and drunk, gross and unlikeable Antonio have sex.  Luis has confused feelings hearing his father have sex with the woman he's obsessed with.

Luis shows Marta how to play guitar.  They get close, you can feel the tension, but nothing happens.

Back to the beach; Luis and Marta change by some trees.

Take a drink.

Poor Luis is forced to be around his hot tutor but can't act on it. 

Seems a little inappropriate.  Marta and Luis drink heavily.

This gets Marta hot and bothered.  She looks at her boobs in the mirror. Take a drink.

They get close to consummating but no dice. 

Back to the beach where Luis must endure a throbbing boner all day long.

Prancing around with a towel...

Take a drink

The classic "girl up ladder" scene.  We've seen a million on VZ1. 

And back to having Antonio slobber all over her.

Marta, wearing a super short dress, clowns around on a Vespa with Luis.

Marta, wearing a low cut dress, is off to a party with Antonio.  Poor Luis is left alone with only his boner to keep him company.

Antonio goes off to shag another woman, and Marta is left wondering what the hell she's doing here.

Marta runs back to Luis, and downs a bottle of liquid courage.

They're about to have sex when they hear Antonio drunk driving home.

Marta quickly slips off her clothes and gets into bed.

She has sex with Antonio, but the whole time she's looking at the picture of his son.

Finally, she drives Luis to a remote location to have sex.  They do, but she then leaves town - realizing there's no future in either relationship. THE END

Predictable and repetitive, but Emma Cohen keeps you watching. Mónica RandallEva Lyberten and Verónica Miriel make appearances, but they're barely present; this is all about Marta and Luis - and perhaps that's its biggest problem.  The film gets a little boring just watching these two go through the motions again and again.  It would have enlivened things a bit to have a few interesting  characters and side stories. As it is, it's very one-note... but then there's Cohen's boobs which keep making cameos, and all is forgiven.

I will also mention the elephant in the room - in that this is all so unbelievably inappropriate.  This kid looks like he's fucking twelve years old. But I'll let you wrestle with that issue on your own.


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