Jul 30, 2021

Deep Thoughts (1980)


(Original Title: Pensieri Morbosi) The gag that plays throughout the movie is that the audience can hear the thoughts of the ensemble characters, as well as see their fantasies.  The thoughts and fantasies, as you might imagine, are often of a sexual nature - the source of the "comedy" in this film.

The film begins with student Suzie (Hélène Shirley) and an opera singer (Luca Sportelli) on a bus.  He's mildly flirtations, but we hear he's a pervert via his thoughts.  Suzie's thoughts reveal she's disgusted by her fellow passenger.

The singer fantasizes that he brings Suzie back to a hotel room where they have sex.

Suzie gets off the bus and meets up with Marc (Kieran Canter) who I'll always associate with Beyond the Darkness (1979).

They attend the same history class.

Outside the classroom, a janitor escorts a tardy student (Dominique Saint Claire) to get an excuse from the office. Of course, the whole time we can hear his dirty thoughts.

The tardy student listens to the dean's henpecked conversation with his wife, thinking, "Poor pussy-whipped old bastard."

History class

Fred Fred (Raf Baldassarre) the history professor can't take his eyes off a particular student.

Dorothy gives the professor a look under the desk.

The topic in the classroom is ancient Rome, and Dorothy fantasizes she's being manhandled by a couple of gladiators - one of them being the professor.

Suzie is also in the fantasy, getting a Roman pounding.

Suzie is called to the front of the class.

She pops out her boob.

The professor can't resist, and they make out in his car.

The car is too cramped, so they take the lovemaking to his bedroom.

There's a pointless tangent where the professor's colleague visits a brothel where he gets with a prostitute (Ajita Wilson).

We now go to a passenger train where we meet back up with the opera singer from the start.  He's transferred to a separate room so three women  (Laura LeviLouise Lovelace, and Sabrina Mastrolorenzi) can share the same compartment.

The girls instantly start making love.

The singer is disappointed he's stuck in a compartment with a hairy, farting dude - while he rightfully should be in the compartment with the three ladies - who he can see through the keyhole.

 Louise Lovelace on top of Sabrina Mastrolorenzi.  The punchline is that the singer bursts out in an operatic yell as his dick gets caught in the keyhole.

The best scene in the movie: the discotheque.

The tardy girl greets Marc wearing Daisy Dukes.

Marc is the John Travolta of this disco; the crowd loves his moves.

Dorothy joins him on the dance floor.

The crowd naturally fantasizes that she's naked.

What a scene.  THE END

This gag could have gotten stale real quick, but they somehow managed to keep it fresh and lively from start to finish.  From odd Roman rape fantasies to nude disco dancing, there's enough wild and unexpected action to keep things interesting.


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