Jul 18, 2021

Crazed Couple Seek Surrogate Mother (1989)


(Original Title: Pareja enloquecida busca madre de alquiler) A Spanish comedy about a couple who hire a surrogate mother. 

A fun animated opening credits

Manolo (José Luis López Vázquez) and his hot young wife Lola (Lola Forner) are unable to have kids, so they seek out artificial insemination. 

Manolo and his assistant Andrade (Guillermo Montesinos) work out candidates for the surrogate mother.

Sadly no nudity from the foxy secretary (Oriana Bonet)

Andrade looks up their first candidate. 

Adelita (Carmen Grey) has a bunch of kids and no qualms with walking around with her robe wide open.

This simply won't do.

Manolo gets it on with Patricia (Maria Olivo) who has massive hair.

She starts to give him head under the desk, but they have guests...

Manolo must work with a bunch of Asian businessmen while Patricia is under his desk.

Manolo and Andrade go to a cocktail lounge to meet the next candidate - a waitress.

This waitress is extremely rude; thankfully she turns out to not be the candidate.

Manolo is introduced to Laura (Virginia Mataix)

Laura is brought to the house to awkwardly meet with Lola.

Helga Liné plays Lola's mother, Dolores.

At the doctor's office Manolo is given a vial to jack-off into.

A poor woman (María Isbert) has the unfortunate accident of walking in on Manolo beating-off into the vial.

Lola is able to finally jack him off.  Manolo hurriedly gets a cab driver  (Manuel Alexandre) to take him to the hospital to deliver the semen on ice.
The ice melts so Manolo runs to a diner to get more.

The cook declines to give him ice.  A prostitute just laughs.

Manolo beckons the hooker.  She and the audience think he's going to hire her.  But when she meets him outside, he just gives her plan to help him get ice.

While Manolo is away, Lola and Andrade are having a fling.

They have to stop when they hear Manolo's car pull up the driveway. 

At the same time, Daniel (Enrique San Francisco), Manolo's nephew, and his girlfriend are stealing his electronics.

They're busted by the arrival of Dolores.

And the situation gets even wackier. 

The chaos ends with Laura falling down the stairs.

Manolo tends to her, and they both realize they're falling in love.

And so it ends happy with two couples each with a kid: Andrade and Lola, Manolo and Laura. 

Not too good.  Pretty bad, actually.  So many of these jokes landed with hilarity just a few years ago; but by 1989 the destape energy was gone, and everything feels forced, tame, and flat. 


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