Jul 17, 2021

Captain Rauhbein from St. Pauli (1971)


A German action flick about a grizzled old captain who gets into adventures as he's hired to transport a vaccine and then rescue some nurses.

Käpt'n Markus Jolly (Curd Jürgens) heads home for a long overdue shore leave.

Markus walks in on his wife cheating on him.

They get into a huge fight.

He smacks her and she goes flying down the stairwell!

Now Markus is a dishonored drunk and poor captain aboard a rusty ship.

A group of nurses are hired to help with an outbreak in Latin America.  They take an outdoor shower in their jungle accomodations.

Angelika (Angelica Ott)

The other nurses playfully dump Vroni from her tub.

Markus is tasked with transporting a vaccine for the outbreak.

Markus singing away at the bar; a strange and unexpected musical interlude.

Dr. Karin Andersen (Johanna von Koczian) is brought along with the nurses.

But they are all captured by bandits.

Markus is an unlikely action hero.  He's able to trick and subdue the guard.

He escapes by posing as a waiter aboard a yacht.

The great Janine Reynaud waits below deck.

He's no James Bond, but Captain Markus still gets his share of trim.

Oh shit!  A woman has a grotesquely huge spider on her.

Markus is able to save her.

This is the best thing I've seen all week.

Markus gets back to the island to rescue the Dr. Anderson and the nurses.

The final showdown against the bandits.  Markus and the girls win.

Markus is awarded for his bravery. THE END

Supposedly Al Adamson added some sleaze for the 1976 US release.  I'm going to guess it was the initial scene with the boobs?  Not sure.  Whatever the case, this was a very odd film.  This old captain is a ladykiller action hero?  It's like Alan Hale Jr. as a dashing leading man - fucking weird.  This odd vibe, plus the sporadic light-sleaze and random lounge singing made this otherwise boring action dud into something interesting. 


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