Apr 10, 2021

The Vampire of the Freeway (1971)


(Original Title: El vampiro de la autopista; AKA The Horrible Sexy Vampire)  This vampire is like an eighties slasher - taking out naked women ten-little-indians style.  

Regina (Ada Tauler) and her husband stop in at a lonely hotel along a dark deserted road.  They hear a noise, but it's just an open window.

Ada Tauler, never too shy to undress, gets ready for a bath.

But it's her husband that ends up getting killed in the shower.  You see, this vampire can turn invisible!

A medical examiner shows the inspector Regina's marking on her neck.

Later, he hands the inspector Bram Stoker's Dracula (as if this was some rare tome!) and tells him that he suspects the killer is a vampire.  Every twenty-eight years since the 1800s victims have died in a similar manner.  He suspects the killer is Count Winneger who supposedly died long ago.

They inspect Count Winneger's tomb.

Well, he seems to be safely dead.

Psyche! Count Winneger is back from the dead.  He kills them both.

Count Winneger's heir has come to Germany to claim his ancestral estate.  But first he's got to get currency and a rental car.

Marianne (Patricia Loran) comes home from work.

She gets undressed for a shower.

Hearing a noise, she investigates.

Count Winneger!

Marianne is dead.

Count Oblensky (Wal Davis) arrives at his ancestral estate and notes a painting of Count Winneger 

A detective Detective  (Barta Barri) and his assistant (José Marco) have a few questions for Oblensky.

A barmaid is about to end her shift.

The sinister looking man is actually her boyfriend; they'll meet later at her apartment.

First, she gets undressed, wearing some nice see-through panties.

She puts on a sexy nightie for her boyfriend.

They have sex and she goes to the bathroom to brush her hair.

Count Winneger strikes.  He kills the boyfriend and then the barmaid.

The detective continues to probe Oblensky.

Oblensky's main squeeze, Susan (Susan Carvasal), arrives.

She enters his bedroom in a see-through nightie, which she quickly removes.

Man, lots of see-through panties in this film.

Susan gives a look like 'I want to have sex, and I want to right now."

Another barmaid (possibly Mary Trovar)

She goes to meet her boyfriend, but never quite makes it there.

Count Winneger kills her and lays her on a table.

Uh-oh.  Count Winneger has that look in his eyes. He's feeling a little randy.

He rips off her panties.  The scene doesn't cut away in time (inattentive editing?) and we get a couple frames of the actress' bush.  Hey, it's not an important plot point or anything, but I thought you'd like to know.

Susan takes a bath.  

She hears a noise. Count Winneger approaches invisible.

Oblensky comes to her rescue, but is punched around by the invisible vampire.  It does give Susan enough time to run to safety.

Oblensky whips out the crucifix.

He then slams a stake through the vampire's chest.  As if that wasn't cool enough, he does it while wearing a snakeskin jacket.

Count Winneger has been vanquished.

Susan and Oblensky live happily, vampire-free. THE END

This was a really fun vampire movie - it's main appeal being the sexy babes that keep getting offed.  It's also a bit of an odd one; definitely not your cookie-cutter vampire flick.  The big complaint is that there are a lot of mind-numbingly boring scenes.  For instance, the initial scene where the medical examiner talks to the inspector - this shit goes on for ten full minutes.  Then we have a ton of scenes with the German detectives going on and on about who-cares-what.  A shame.  This could have been a cult favorite, but I think those boring bits are too often and too long to hold the attention of an audience. Still, I enjoyed it - and the sleaze was that cheesy silly kind of sleaze that made it all the better.  As Greg would say on On Cinema at the Cinema, this is a "five bagger".


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