Apr 29, 2021

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party (1965)


A short and silly monster flick which featured a fun gimmick meant for live audiences.  Ah, the good old days.

Five girls must spend the night in a supposedly haunted mansion as part of a sorority initiation. 

The fraternity bros drop the girls off and leave.  Secretly, they hide out in the mansion with plans to scare the girls.

The mansion is home to a Mad Doctor (Vic McGee) and Draculina (Pauline Hillkurt).

The girls get into their nighties and drink soda pop.

Sue goes to look for a bathroom.

She's attacked by a gorilla, the mad doctor's assistant.

The mad doctor awaits the arrival of the first victim.

Sue is placed on the table and connected to the "computer".

He performs a brain transplant.

Sue is turned into a monstrous gorilla.

The girls wonder what's taking Sue so long.  So they go look for her.

Ann is grabbed by Igor, faints and is carried to the lab.

The other girls also faint and are carried in, then chained to the wall. Laura, the girl in red, is actuall director  David L. Hewitt's wife.

Professor Williams (James Reason) is called about a disturbance at the haunted house.

The frat bros arrive, ready to pull a big prank. When they see the girls are in danger, they do battle against the mad doctor and his crew.

A laser gun is used which is pointed at the screen.  Here's where the crowd gimmick occurs: it is made to look like it blasts a hole through the movie screen - out of which would run actors in monster costumes.

Then, a monster returns with a new girl - presumably a girl plucked from the movie audience, who is placed on the mad doctor's table.  THE END

How amazing this would have been to see back in '65; I'm deeply jealous of anyone who did.  It holds up today, not just as a novelty flick, but also a reliably fun movie to watch on Halloween.  This being VZ1, we would have loved a little sleaze, but this wholesome monster flick is just fine the way it is.



  1. Where is the Euro cut of this film with lesbian sorority scene in haunted house with women chained to the wall?

    1. Exactly. I want the Jesús Franco cut with sorority orgy and gorilla rape