Mar 12, 2021

Emmanuelle's Love (1993)


The early nineties Emmanuelle movies featured a return of Sylvia Krystel, but only as a wraparound character who relates stores from her past.  The central premise of each movie was a bit odd - where a Emmanuelle is given super powers from Tibet where her youth is restored... and, even odder, she can assume the soul of others, even transform their appearances using a magic perfume.  

Sylvia Kristel tells her stories to George Lazenby on a plane, but that's basically the extent of Kristel's participation in these films.

Nicky (Krystyna Ferentz) is a clutzy airhead - like comically so.

Her boss, Mr. Nino Gilberto, finds her asleep at her typewriter.  But he could never take such a bumbling and awkward woman seriously.

At home, clutzy Nicky accidentally pulls down the shower curtain when she hears the doorbell.

A complete moron, Nicky answers the door naked.

Her guest is Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein) who is already laughing and shaking her head at the absent mindedness of her friend.

Nicky confesses to Emmanuelle that she's in love with Nino, but he would never look at her sexually since she's such a flailing moron.

Emmanuelle summons her Tibetan magic.

Nicky can't believe her eyes.  Emmanuelle emerges as her exact clone.

So, the plan is for Nicky to wait in the bathroom while Emmanuelle as the "Nicky Clone" will seduce Nino.  She'll do what Nicky has hitherto been unable to achieve - for Nino to look at her sexually.

Nicky waits in the bathroom.

Emmanuelle returns (still as the Nicky Clone) and offers to change clothes and have Nicky take it from here.

Nicky returns, but is an absolute spastic fool.  She can't even drink from a glass without spitting it out like a goddamn freak.

So, Emmanuelle has to take back over in order to seduce Nino.

Nicky rubs herself in the bathroom just thinking about what's going on in the other room.

Nino eventually catches on that there are two Nickys.. and he fucks both of them.

And so we move on to the next story, where Josh and Sara (? actress), an engaged couple, are on a train to New Delhi.

The problem is, Josh is an absolute dick, and treats Sara like absolute shit.

Josh has sex with a random blonde (? actress) on the train.

Josh shares a train car with other rich passengers...

Atisan Khan (Joel Bui) and his woman (? actress)

Back in their compartment, Kahn has some kind of hypnotic control over his woman, moving her around with his hands...

Emmanuelle uses her magic perfume to change the appearance of Sara.  It's all a part of her plan to get back at Josh.

Sara is changed into a different woman.

Josh is taken to this new girl (who is actually Sara).

Now in New Delhi, "new" Sara hears a knock at the door.

It's Josh pledging his love and devotion to her.

She rubs herself while Josh, at her request, transfers funds into a corporate account. 

It's revealed that he has inadvertently screwed himself out of Sara's fortune.

Emmanuelle returns to Nicky... who has turned her place into a porn studio for some unknown reason.

What the fuck?

Nicky confesses that things still aren't good between her and Nino.

Nino has found another woman named Sonia (Julie McLaughlin).

Emmanuelle uses her Tibetan magic to enter the soul of Sonia.

Since Sonia is currently having sex, it makes Emmanuelle feel hot and bothered.

Sonia is eaten out on the beach.

Nicky confesses that she's pregnant with Nino's baby.

Emmanuelle leaves Nicky alone with Nino.

They are together at last. THE END

It depressed me a little to see George Lazenby in such a shit movie, but I'm sure it was easy money. Krystyna Ferentz was actually pretty good as the obscenely stupid Nicky, who carries this film with a good deal of nudity.  I'm not sure I care for the entire premise of this series - with its ridiculous Tibetan magic shtick.  


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