Mar 9, 2021

Emmanuelle II (1975)


(aka Emmanuelle, The Joys of a Woman, original title Emmanuelle: L'antivierge) Sequel to the hugely popular original Emmanuelle movie.  Realizing what a godsend Sylvia Kristel was for the last film, they utilize her assets a bit more in this film.

Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) takes a ship to Hong Kong to meet her husband Jean.  She's outraged that she doesn't get a first class cabin and has to stay with the riff-raff.

And by "riff raff" I mean hot women who sleep in the nude.

Emmanuelle meets the girl in the bed next to her, Ingrid (Caroline Laurence).

Ingrid talks about how she was raped by three women.  Seems an odd topic to bring up to a stranger, but okay.

Emmanuelle responds by rubbing Ingrid's crotch.

She arrives in Hong Kong.

At the Hong Kong estate, she meets Christopher (Frédéric Lagache), a pilot.

She tries to initiate sex with Jean (Umberto Orsini) but he's too busy.

Emmanuelle is introduced to Laura (Florence Lafuma), one of Jean's side lovers.

Back in the bedroom, Emmanuelle takes off all her clothes and...

...lays back and fondles herself.

This seems to be enough to get Jean interested.

Later, Emmanuelle uses an odd piece of exercise equipment.

Christopher goes with Emmanuelle for her acupuncture session.

Christopher watches her acupuncture session and fantasizes about having sex with her.

Emmanuelle meets Anna-Maria (Catherine Rivet), Laura's stepdaughter.

Emmanuelle goes to her dance class.

At the studio's backroom, she views a naughty movie...

Emmanuelle invites Anna-Maria to dinner.

Anna-Maria reveals she's a virgin, and a bit of a prude.  Emmanuelle considers it her mission to get this girl laid.

They watch a polo match.

In the locker room, Emmanuelle does it with a tatted polo player.

Later, Jean, Emmanuelle and Anna-Maria get bored on a hot day.

They take Anna-Maria to a bath house to get a massage. 

Emmanuelle is serviced by Eva Hamel

Anna-Maria is serviced by Laura Gemser, which kinda wild considering would soon take the mantle of Emmanuelle herself over the course of several movies.

Jean is serviced by Christiane Gibeline

Later, Emmanuelle goes looking for Christopher at a whorehouse.

Some really fun shots of the brothel.

While there, she's serviced by three sailors.

She goes home and is serviced by Jean.

Finally, Anna-Maria agrees to lose her virginity - to Jean.

Emmanuelle watches them have sex - then turns her eyes to the camera. THE END

The first film was a massive success in Europe, sometimes playing continuously for years. The sequel kicks it up a notch with even better use of Krystal who was a revelation.  This movie just sizzles from start to finish, and simply is gorgeous to behold. 

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