Mar 7, 2021

Ballgame (1980)


A collaboration between Erwin C. Dietrich and Ann Perry (two people I wouldn't have guessed had worked together); the film is a sort-of WIP comedy-porn. 

Lolita Wanamaker (Candida Royalle) gets a smoke from a guard.

Then she "pays" him for it.

The inmates have to eat in this cramped area with terrible food.  (Although, you have to say, the table is decorated nicely for a prison meal!)

The girls discuss their poor living conditions. Lolita says she will speak to the warden about it.

Miss Cole (Lisa De Leeuw) is the warden's secretary.

Warden Blowhard (Ian MacGregor) is running for governor.  Cole lights his massive cigar.

Lolita complains to Blowhard about their food and other gripes while Cole takes dictation. The warden pretends to care, but throws away the dictation after Lolita leaves.

Two guards pay a conjugal visit to a couple inmates.

Guards (Susan Nero and Ashley Welles)

Susan Nero with Fredericka "Fred" (Maria Tortuga)

The inmates are all assembled in Blowhard's office.

He makes a deal.  The inmates will play a baseball game against the guards - the Beavers versus the Dicks.  The proceeds from the game will go towards paying for their various demands.

The inmates decide that the best way to ensure victory is to tire out all the guards with sex.

First, they must train.

Tawny Pearl is the first to implement their plan.

She pretends to be sick.

When a guard comes to check on her, she has sex with him.

Jennifer West and Penny (Connie Peterson) watch

Penny later does a guard while getting fondled through the bars.

Several inmates swarm upon a prison guard. The girl standing up is Jennifer West who, you'll recall, was amazing in Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979).

Joy (Tiffany Clark) rides the guard first, with Jennifer West providing support on the left.

Jennifer West takes her turn.

Three inmates pay a visit to the guards.

Penny takes off her uniform and gets to work.

April Grant does her job.

Warden Blowhard watches the whole thing through a secret peephole.

The day of the big game has arrived.

Check out this crowd.

The Beavers predictably win.  I have to say - this climactic baseball scene is filmed horribly.  I mean - bad, bad, bad.  You can't tell what's going on, it's often filmed from too far away, a total mess.

Blowhard has no intention of honoring his bargain.  However, secretary Cole has him on tape, and will ruin his chances for the governor position if he doesn't make good on his promise. 

Cole has the upper hand now.  She smokes his cigar and makes him go down on her.

Sorry, folks.  Not very good. It had potential: two veteran sexploitation filmmakers, Perry and Dietrich, plus a good cast including Royalle, Leeuw and West.  On top of that, you have a pretty fun concept of a comedic WIP film wrapped around a kooky baseball game. How could possibly fuck this up?  By filming it badly and making it boring.  Poor lighting, poor direction, poor dialog, poor camera angles, etc.  For instance, that workout scene could have been a classic.  Instead, it feels sort-of phoned in. This was a missed opportunity.  Maybe not a strikeout - however, it should have been a home run, but is just a base on balls.


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