Jan 31, 2021

Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979)


Before the big game, a football team is ordered to not have sex - a difficult task, considering one of the cheerleaders is out to sabotage the team.

Tryouts for the Cactus football team cheerleaders - the Prickettes. 

Pepper (Lisa De Leeuw), Goldie (Debbie Evans) and Roxy (Susan Nero) try out, but aren't very good.

The judges are: Red (Jeff Wright), a local reporter, Pris Pringle (Ric Lutze), the owner of the Cactus', and Hardass Callahan (John Boland), the coach.

If you're a regular reader of VZ1, you know my feelings about Ric Lutze.  He is the absolute worst.  Aside from his trademark giggling during sex (ugh), he is a terrible actor.... like even for pornos he's bad.  He was one of the "originals" in porn, back in the early seventies - you'd think his acting would improve in a decade. Nope.  In fact, it may have gotten worse.

Frieda (Jennifer West) is the tough-talking cheerleading coach

Jennifer West absolutely kills it in this movie.  Her character requires all manner of self-deprecating, over-the-top humor, and the girl nails it. 

Pepper and the girls try their hearts out, but are abysmally bad. 

Frieda yells, "Tamara, would you show these clutzes how to do it?" Tamara (Candida Royalle) is a super-hottie who is a shoo win for the cheerleading squad.  Not sure why she's wearing Saran-Wrap though.

Tamara blows everybody away with her performance.

Roxy gives Pris Pringle a BJ under the judge's table - thereby ensuring the three unqualified girls win a place on the cheerleading team.

Pris Pringle tells Callahan and Frieda that, under no circumstances, can any of the football players have sex. If he finds out that they have, he will take $5K out of each of their paychecks.

The three girls get undressed in the locker room.

The girls join the players in the shower.  Pepper takes a liking to the quarterback, Clay Potts (Turk Lyon).

But they are soon discovered by the coaches.

Callahan explains that there shall be no sex until the season is over.

The guys are ordered out, and Frieda deals with Goldie, Pepper and Roxy.

Frieda inspects her new recruits.

Later, Frieda gets playful with Tamara.

Frieda puts on a strap-on and plays with Tamara.

Like I said, Frieda's character calls for a lot of self-deprecating humor, and West plays it perfectly.

Later that night, at the discotheque 

We find that Tamara is working for Too Long Jones (Johnnie Keyes) who is betting against the Cactus team. Her job is to have sex with the team, Clay Potts in particular.

Too Long Jones knows how to please his lady.

Jones gets a call from Pris Pringle and says, "Well, if it isn't Pris Pringle, the football mongol." Clearly, he was supposed to say "mogul", but they didn't do re-takes often in adult films.

After the phone call, Jones continues where he left off.

The team practices before the big game.

Clay goes over the plays with Callahan.

The whole time Tamara tries to distract him.

She tries to flirt with Clay, but he's far too dedicated to the team to pay her any mind.

In the bathroom, the girls get ready - with Goldie trimming her pubic hair.

Chuck Paprocki (Mike Ranger) is injured, and Goldie is there to provide some TLC.

Bert (Michael Parker) the trainer also jumps in.

Tamara reports back to Jones.

She has to report of her utter failure to make any progress with Clay Potts.

Jones records Tamara.

Check out the Boston poster.  There's also a Boomtown Rats poster in the wood paneled room.

The purpose of the recording is to give the tape to Clay Potts to get him hot-and-bothered for Tamara.

As Jones removes the VHS, we see a Neil Diamond poster.

Jones tells Tamara that, unless she has sex with Potts, don't bother ever coming back.

On the road to the big game, the team stops at a motel. Tamara sneakily gets the VHS in the hands of Potts' roommate, Phantom Collier (Jesse Adams).

Potts puts the tape in, and Tamara shows up at the doorway nude.

But it's still no use - Potts won't yield to her temptation.  She has sex with Phantom instead, but is ultimately thrown out by Callahan.

The big game is right around the corner.

The team bus has a flat tire in the rain. The bus driver (John Seeman) braves the weather to change it, and Pepper joins him.

They have sex out in the cold, wet mud.

Lisa De Leeuw caught pneumonia filming this scene, which took three hours to shoot.

Frieda services Pris Pringle with her "Relaxalator" - a dildo apparatus she sticks up his butt.  A pretty funny scene.  Also note that Frieda is Pris' aunt.

Frieda is reticent to let him eat her out, saying, "I'm tellin' ya - you're gonna get cancer!"

Pepper waits for Clay Potts in the bathroom.  Potts has been suspended from the final big game due to his alleged antics with Tamara.

Hell, he's suspended anyway, and the sexual tension has been building between them this whole trip, so might as well go for it.

They're caught by Pris and Frieda.  Instead of punishing them, Pris tells Potts to get in the game.  They're losing badly, and need him.  Also, Aunt Frieda's services have put him in more "open" spirits.

Potts is surprised to learn he's off suspension.  He suits up and gets back on the field.

Victor!  The Cactus' have a big celebration.

The music blares, and Jones, as the DJ, announces that it's time for "disco strip".  Everyone gets naked to the disco music.  Pure dynamite.  Everyone forms a line, and Frieda is first to go through, butt naked except for a helmet.

Just amazing.  This is what you get when you just have fun with it.  Add competent direction, a semi-decent budget, and good casting - you get seventies porn magic. Is it the absolute zenith of the Golden Age of Porn? No - there are still areas that need improvement (Lutze, in particular), but it goes to show how great things could be. 


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