Sep 12, 2020

We All Go Down (1969)

So, apparently director Gerard Damiano completed this film with no nudity, and the producers said, "What the fuck is this?" They made him go back and insert a bunch of nude scenes, thus changing the film entirely - from a "drug tragedy" to disjointed skin flick. 

 Pete (Bill Doukas) has gotten addicted to drugs.  His girl Nancy (Alice Haley) is upset because the only time he comes around is when he needs money.

 After Pete leaves, Nancy talks with her roommate  Peggy (Justine Simmon).

 Peggy says she's better off without that drug addict loser.

Alice Haley as Nancy basically saves this movie.  As mentioned, Damiano filmed this with zero nudity (what was he thinking?).  So, to satisfy the outraged producers, Alice Haley's character is brought in, who provides copious skin. Haley was only in one other film, C'mon Baby Light My Fire from the same year. Strangely, she didn't do anything else in Hollywood until 2005 when she made a documentary about Brian Cooke, who apparently is best known as the still photographer for Max Headroom. WTF?

Anyway, Alice Haley gets totally naked and has sex with Peggy.

Peter goes to a bar with a gouple guys.

The dancers are clearly not really there; just added in later.

Asshole Burt (Bob Shoffuer) asks Rick (Daniel Moge) why he's still carrying around dead weight like Peter.

Burt's an asshole, but he's right. Pete's a hot mess.

Rick's girlfriend Judy (Gillian Martine) is upset because he's always late.

When Rick finally arrives, she cusses him out.

So, Rick goes to Burt's party.

A couple are partaking in the devil's weed.

The marijuana causes the girl to get all hot and bothered in front of everyone.

No idea who this actress is, but she delivers quite a performance.

Pete's current girlfriend Carrol (Ada McAllister) is having trouble coping with his habit.

At the beach, Pete and Carrol are approached by Burt and his crew.

Burt wears an ascot, so you know he's a badass.

Carrol is hit on by one of Burt's group.  Ada McAllister never provides nudity, so she was clearly in the original cut of this film.

 Judy (Gillian Martine) waits at a train station.

This is an odd scene because we just watch her mill around and smoke a cigarette.

She loses a match to the wind and chases after it.  It's hard to understand unless you watch these types of films, but this is why I love low budget exploitation films.  Having a side character just randomly chase after a match is insane - it's something a modern independent movie would do trying to be quirky.  Here, it's done genuinely - probably just to pad the film - yet it adds so much.

 Pete has a drug fueled hallucination.

 He imagines Peggy and Nancy

 Nancy shoots him up with a large needle.

Back at the party, Burt has just had sex with Rick's girl.  When Rick catches them, Burt tells him that Judy is just a worthless tramp anyway, and he should be glad this happened.  Note that we get a side boob from Judy (Gillian Martine); I suspect this was the only nudity in the original cut.

Pete collapses at the party and Carrol takes him to the hospital.

A final add-on scene.  A stranger appears at Nancy's door.

Apparently, Pete has sold her for drug money to this dude. 

 So, Nancy reluctantly strips for him.

More quality full frontal nudity from Alice Haley the true MVP of this picture.

An unexpectedly explicit sex scene.

It ends with a boring meeting between Rick and Pete.

Basically a boring drug tragedy involving a wholly unlikable character; perhaps, had the massive rework not taken place, this would have been a coherent and moving drama. It would be interesting to see that original cut.  Personally, I doubt it would top the "Alice Haley Cut".


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