Sep 26, 2020

The Wild and the Naked (1962)


A French nude model falls asleep poolside and dreams about being raped.  Starring Tanya French in her only IMDb credit, providing a ton of nudity - truly daring for 1962. 

Tanya French plays French model, Paulette.  All audio is dubbed, so I'm doubting this girl was really French as the accent seems fake.  And speaking of fake, the film claims to be set in the exotic locale of Latin America, but was really filmed around Houston, Texas.

Paulette walks around town, shopping, etc.

Paulette poses nude. What''s odd is that they use this camera as a scenery censor here, yet Tanya French is nude for like two-thirds of the film - so why be coy now? 

This Tanya French's only IMDb credit - probably just a local Houston lady.  The director, Stan Roberts, also doesn't haven another IMDb listing. 

After a tiring photo session, Paulette falls asleep by the pool.

In her dream, she's dancing at a club in Latin America.

The guy gets fresh, so she slaps him and hitchhikes out of town.

She catches a ride, but the driver tries to rape her.  He chases her down to the river and tears off her clothes.

Paulette manages to get away.

But she's being watched by another rapist.

Paulette washes off in the muddy water then sunbathes.

The rapist creeps up on her, and Paulette runs into the woods.

The foliage provides convenient scenery censors (pubic hair would get your drive-in shut down back then.).

Much of the movie is just watching Paulette run around naked.

She's chased into the muddy waters, but again escapes.

Once again, Paulette inexplicably lets her guard down and sunbathes.  The rapist catches up to her.

He ties her up.

A handsome boater comes to her rescue.  He knocks out the rapist and unties Paulette.

Paulette relaxes with a cigarette.

They're suddenly attacked by an ape! (Unfortunately, we don't get any good looks at the primate.)

Hilariously, the ape reaches down from the tree and rips off Paulette's towel.

Paulette and the guy are separated.  He runs into a band of half-naked natives.

The girls dance to jaunty music and chillax naked.

Paulette is awaken from her dream. THE END

Obviously, the only reason this film was even made was to show Tanya French naked; beyond that, it's pretty threadbare.  However, it is fun simply as a curiosity; there aren't many quirky early-sixties Texas-made skin flicks. 

Double Feature: Oddly enough, this film reminded me A LOT of a 1979 Turkish skin flick called Hydra (Püsküllü bela). It also features a woman running around a similarly ugly shoreline getting raped and pursued through the mud. 


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