Sep 28, 2020

The Story of Linda (1981)


A sleazy Franco flick starring Ursula Buchfellner and Raquel Evans, two sexploitation mega-foxes.  The story doesn't have much to do with Linda, so one wonders why they stuck with that title.  The German title rules: Die nackten Superhexen vom Rio Amore -(Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore), and is much more in line with this incredibly sleazy and perverse ride

The film starts off with a bang as a woman named Ann (Susana Cárdenas) running from pursuers along a beach.

She's caught, stripped and placed on a darkened stage while sickos watch her being raped.  

After she's been used and abused, Ann is dragged off stage like a piece of meat.

The manager of this rape club is Sheila played by the one and only Raquel Evans.

Mitzi  (Bea Fiedler) the Champagne Girl, is among the "staff" at the club.  Mitzi doesn't really have much of a purpose in this film, but Fiedler's boobs are always a welcome sight.

Betsy Norman (Ursula Buchfellner)

She's sleeping with Ron (Antonio Mayans); who she doesn't realize works for Sheila at the rape club.

Sheila arrives unannounced.  Yes, her bush is showing... but that's pretty normal in this movie. Get used to it.

Sheila catches Betsy and Ron in the act.

Later, Sheila and Ron are together - with Sheila pretending to be okay with his sexual escapade.  After all, she runs a rape club; not exactly in a great position to act judgmental. 

Raquel Evans spends a lot of screen time on this brilliant blue bed.

Meanwhile, Betsy is being framed and blackmailed and accused of debt.  This is all a setup by Sheila for daring to fool around with her man, Ron.

Sheila's henchmen, Anton (Tomás Gayo) and Milan (Otto Retzer), force her into their sex slavery ring.

Ron attends to Sheila's every need, oblivious that she's had Betsy drugged and forced into her rape club.

So, this film is called The Story of Linda - where the fuck is Linda? So, she is Betsy's sister, the brunette, played by Katja Bienert.  You may remember her as the jungle girl from Franco's Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983). Her blonde roommate is played by Andrea Guzon.

So, Linda and her roommate have a lesbian thing going.  Linda is about to leave to see her sister, and they are having 'goodbye sex'.

Meanwhile, Betsy is drugged up and put in a glass cage for the club patrons to ogle.

While Betsy barely conscious in her rape club cube, Linda is traveling to meet her, and falls for a local boy along the way.

Betsy screams from her cell window, but no one hears her plea for help.

Sheila gets a massage from Ana María Segura and Doris Regina

Back at the club, Mitzi (Bea Fiedler) is back doing what she does best - which showing her boobs.

Sheila is the center attraction in this performance as she's ravaged by a pack of nude men and women.

Clueless of her sister's captivity, Linda enjoys the good life and has sex on the beach.

Ann (Susana Cárdenas) shows up and spills the beans to Ron about Betsy's imprisonment. 

Betsy is tortured.

Sheila is back on the blue bed.

Ron confronts Sheila about Betsy's treatment.  

Sheila approaches Ron nude and he's like putty in her hands. What a sucker.

As Ron waits to be shagged, Sheila lets a scorpion loose - to kill Ron.

Ann arrives in the nick of time and shoots Sheila.  Which is quite a leap - she enters the room, immediately notices a small scorpion on the shag rug, then makes the assumption that the scorpion was planted there as a murder weapon... then feels the need to shoot Sheila in the stomach?  

Sheila's last words are that she's always loved Ron.

Ron rescues Betsy, carrying her to safety.

An astounding coincidence - as Linda is driving down the road at that moment and spots her sister.  THE END 

Well, Ursula Buchfellner and Raquel Evans are fully naked in almost every scene, so I guess what more can you ask for?  Well, say what you will about Jesús Franco, he generally tries to imbue his films with a certain style, albeit sexually deviant, they have a trademark quirky/eccentric mojo nonetheless.  This was just straight-ahead sleaze, with not much else - not even his usual jazzy score (instead we get generic Euro-disco). A proper sleaze-fest that checks all the boxes of the genre, but leaves blank the box for any semblance of artful conception.... that being said, this is an embarrassment of riches with nonstop nudity from the best of the best: Ursula Buchfellner, Raquel Evans, Bea Fiedler, Katja Bienert and Andrea Guzon.  How can we possibly hold Franco's momentary lapse of style when it's got this all-star clinic going on?


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