Sep 19, 2020

The 3 Phases of Eve (1972)


It's been a while since we've done a Sandy Carey film, so let's make haste and remedy that. In this film, she's Eve, a case of "triple personality": the prude, the seductress and the nympho. 
 Ric Lutze plays psychiatrist Dr. Bushnell who relates the case of Eve, who has three personalities.

The great Sandy Carey plays Eve.

One of her personalities is prudish, conservative housewife.  Her husband (Henry Ferris) gets frisky while she prepares supper.

The film doesn't quite land in hardcore territory.  You certainly see plenty of anatomy on display, but never penetration/unsimulated sex.

Bushnell puts Eve under hypnosis to see if he can bring up her other personalities.

Eve relates an experience where she was caught screwing a guy, and was discovered by her husband.

She remembers just asking her husband to join them, which he readily obliges.

Later, Eve calls Dr. Bushnell to hurry over.  She's at a party and she's scared her nympho side may rear her ugly head.  Right now, the party is full of swingers and prudish Eve needs her doctor's intervention.

The party guests are Suzanne Fields (center) and Starlyn Simone (right)

By the time Bushnell arrives it's too late.  Nympho Eve is in full effect.

Starlyn Simone gets on top while Eve brings Bushnell to the bedroom.

Bushnell says to hell with the doctor-patient code of conduct, and they have sex.

Anything with Sandy Carey is worth a watch - and she delivers a particularly explicit performance in this film.  However, it's just so damn cheap and stupid, with not even enough substance to make fun of.  They set up this multiple personality disorder plot, but you can hardly tell personality 2 from 3, and she's barely ever 1.  Bottom line, the story is just a ruse - it's just Sandy Carey fucking, and I guess that's okay. 


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