Sep 6, 2020

Bouncy and Buxom in Upper Bavaria (1984)

(Original Title: Prall und drall in Oberbayern AKA Blood Boy Beasts ... Ready for Anything and Blutjunge Biester... zu allem bereit) A couple dudes travel to Munich to make a film about boobs.  Sounds like a solid idea to me.

Anton (Peter Steiner Jr.) and Fietje (Frithjof Klausen) have traveled to Munich to make a film about boobs.

 They take this badass guzzler.

 She does a striptease for Anton.

 Anton is on the street interviewing ladies.  He talks with a random girl (Carmen Chevalier)

He meets her behind this classy place.

 He has sex with Carmen Chevalier on the hood of her car.

 Back to the editing room. Hard work.

 Anton and Fietje interview sunbathers on the beach. These appear to be non-actresses who just agreed to be on film.

Biggi at home.

Meet Carmen (Carmen Lentz) who's a hit wherever she goes thanks to those boobs.

There's a cool breakdancing performance.

 Then, Carmen gets on stage.

She takes it all off.  You can tell the actual crowd (of some young people) didn't know what to think.

 Biggi gives Carmen a call after seeing her in the paper.

 Back on the street filming their boob documentary.  Anton speaks with another random pedestrian (Sandra Atia).

 Of course she agrees to flash.

 Biggi goes to the gym and works out. Eleonore Melzer looks incredible in this scene.

Remember Carmen Chevalier from the hood of Anton's car?  She's back.

 Some really cool shots of a haunted attraction at the Munich amusement park.

Carmen takes a ride.

Carmen stumbles off the ride, overheated and at the point of fainting.  I'm not sure why this is happening - was the ride too scary?

 She stumbles beside a truck and collapses.

 Anton finds another random girl to interview -Marie (Marianne Wäckerle).

 Naturally she agrees to flash her boobs in front of everyone for the camera.

Anton goes back to Marie's place and carries her to bed.

 Lots of cool shots of the amusement park throughout this film.

 Anton and Biggi go to the woods and have sex.

Afterwards, Anton and Fietje pack their bags and return to their Bavarian hometown.

Not really much to say - it's just constant sex and nudity with the flimsiest plot imaginable. Eleonore Melzer is always awesome; but this is nowhere close to the golden age of Bavarian sex comedies from a decade earlier.  


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