Sep 12, 2020

Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966)

It's a Lee Frost-Bob Cresse venture, so you know it's bound to be a bit odd.  The story involves a college student who becomes obsessed with voyeurism to the point where it destroys his life.

 Jerry (Harvey Shain) is just a normal college student.

His goody-two-shoes girlfriend Sheila (Dianne Michaels) rushes back from class.

 Jerry wants to get busy, but Sheila wants to take a shower first.

We see Sheila (Dianne Michaels) through the frosted glass; about as close as you'll get to full frontal nudity in 1966.

But Jerry's not thinking about Sheila.  He's eyeing all the naked women in the dorm windows nearby.

 When Sheila returns, Jerry acts erratic, seems overly aggressive and runs out of the room.

Jerry walks the city streets to find an outlet for his sexual frustration.
 He looks at forbidden books and catches a stag film.

 Jerry and Sheila are in psychology class together.

All Jerry can think about is the legs on the girl in front of him...

 Then he fantasizes about a couple of the girls he spied through the dorm window.

Jerry and Sheila go to a swingin' party. 

 One of the girls gets on a coffee table and strips.

Promotional photos from the film. 

Jerry imagines he's in a room with just Sheila.

 She strips for him.

When Jerry snaps out of it, he finds he's manhandling the party girl.

 She and everyone at the party laugh and point.

 Shamed, Jerry flees to south of the border.

 There, he goes to a seedy little Mexican strip show.

Next, Jerry goes to the Omega Delta Omega sorority.

He watches the sorority initiation through the window.

Promotional photograph

The two pledges are tied up and spanked.

Jerry returns to Sheila.  When she won't put out, he leaves in a fury.

 But he sticks around to peep through her window.  He finds she has a lesbian lover!

 Sheila strips for her partner.

Distraught, Jerry overdoses on pills and dies.  When the police arrives, one says, "Looks like he took pills. Wonder what his problem was. Hell, if I had his looks I'd have been making out with every girl on the campus."

Bob Cresse infuses this with enough oddball energy and groovy music to elevate this above your average-forgettable mid-sixties skin flick.

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