Sep 11, 2020

La Blue Girl Live 3: Lady Ninja (1996)

[The Trilogy: Blue Girl 12 and 3] The final episode in the trilogy: five women of the Miroku Clan make their last stand against the Demon Sex magic of the Shikima!

One of the best "Avengers Assemble" moments in film: all taking place in the shower.  The various Miroku Clan cousins convene at Miko's place to fight the Shikima demons.  As Yaku (Saori Mizuki) takes a shower, she's first joined by...

 The spunky pig-tailed Seia (Yû Kawai).

 Then Fuku (Momo Kurita) arrives.  She behaves like "noble lady" and won't partake in the shower.

 Next to arrive is the fighter Maki (Ai Hiyoshi) who battles Yaku before they realize they're on the same team.

 Maki, Yaku and Seia (demonstrating her vaginal ninja spells) are ready to fight the Shikima demons.

But Miko (Saya Hidaka) is at death's door, too injured to fight. Fuka nurses her back to health.

 Since they are technically "sex ninjas", this is how they do their health care.

 Meanwhile, Miyabi (Asami Jô), the "baby" who will serve as gateway to the Shikima dimension, and a couple demons are also ready.

 Seia sees a roach and scrambles along the kitchen floor (with camera strategically behind).

 She crawls right to the foot of a demon - providing a classic A-Frame.

 She fights them, but she's outnumbered.

 She's carried off by the demon.

 Maki trains for battle n the gym.

The demons capture her; they tie her up and rape her!

 Yaku and Fuka are the only ones left, and they sit by Miko's bedside.

 The demons arrive and Yaku and Fuka are ready.

Well not too ready.  The demons easily subdue and rape them.

The chamber where all four cousins are now prisoners - nude and entangled in tentacles.

 Miyabi (Asami Jô)

What a fucking scene. Holy shit.

 Maki (Ai Hiyoshi)

Seia (Yû Kawai)

Miko finally gets her ass in gear and arrives to save her cousins.  She's surprised to find her two school friends (from the previous films) - Misaki  (Junko Asamiya) and Shizuka (Momoko Nishida).who are possessed by the demons.

Miko refuses to kill her friends, and just knocks them out instead.

Miko arrives and is ensnared in the tentacles.

She's able to bust free and tries to rescue Miyabi but is unable.

She is able to rescue her four cousins who prepare to do battle.

In the end, they all throw their swords and concentrate their power on the vagina-looking portal.  The portal is destroyed.  Unfortunately, you don't see the aftermath, so not sure if Miyabi survives.

These films are so weird and twisted, it's hard not to derive some degree of enjoyment from them.  As mentioned, the action scenes are awful.  Perhaps its biggest problem, however, is the lighting.  This whole film is basically in the dark - I hate when films do that.  Often it's just to conceal the low-budget look of the sets and cheap-o monster action.  But this actually looked good; so, someone needed to call Joel Schumacher's lighting guy and get this properly visualized.  Still, a damn fun ride.

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