Sep 11, 2020

La Blue Girl Live 2: Birth of the Demon Child (1996)

[The Trilogy: Blue Girl 12 and 3] Recap from Part 1 - The Sex Demon King, Hanzaki, attempted to enter the human world with the help of the evil Shikima Clan. However, before his dark embrace descended on humanity, the lovely ninja of the Miroku Clan. Miko and her older sister Miyu faced him in a fight to the death. The two women managed to defeat the powerful, Hanzaki.

But during the battle, Miyu became pregnant with the Sex Demon King’s child. Now the Shikima prepare for battle once more and this time, their key to victory will be Miyu's evil child.

 Continuing from the last episode, we are reunited with the three school chums: Misaki Yoshida (Junko Asamiya), Miko Bido (Saya Hidaka) and Shizuka Mizusawa (Momoko Nishida).

 In an empty warehouse, Miyu's demon baby, Miyabi (Asami Jô), is gestating in a uterus or egg womb of some kind.  She's discovered by some random dude.

 The voice of a Shikima demon commands him to hump the girl (!)

 Miyabi is "born".

 The rape transforms the dude into a Shikima demon.

 Miko does her ninja training.

 She comes upon Miyabi.

 She also meets up with another stranger...

Hiro (Kimi Tachihara) who claims to be from the Miroku Clan 

Miyabi is brought to Miko's home.  A delivery guy arrives at the door and is greeted by Miyabi...

..and she disrobes.  (I thought pubic hair was illegal for Japanese films?  I guess the shadow counts as concealment?)

 She seduces the poor delivery guy.

They have sex, but the thrill is short-lived.

The Shikima demon kills him.

Shizuka (Momoko Nishida), Miko (Saya Hidaka), and Misaki (Junko Asamiya) find a strange girl in the home...

It's spunky Yaku (Saori Mizuki) also from the Miroku Clan.

Miko and Yaku fight at first...

Lots o' underpants as always in these fight scenes.

And gratuitous clothes ripping. Eventually they reconcile and join forces.

 Misaki walks home alone and is captured.

Both Misaki (left) and Shizuka (right) are held captive by the Shikima demon.

 Miyabi is the key to opening the portal to the demon dimension.

Yaku, Miko, and Hiro arrive to save the girls and kick some Shikima ass.

The martial arts in this film are pretty bad - but the girls sure can form cool poses.

Misaki and Shizuka are now naked and being assaulted by these tentacles.



Miko and Yaku arrive to save them - but they end up "tentacled" themselves.



 Miyabi, still gestating I guess.

 Hiro battles it out with the Shikima demon.

He rapes her with this grotesque looking phallic appendage.

But Hiro uses her Miroku ninja sex magic: "hydrochloric hell" which burns his "dick" off.

Then she finishes him off with her blade.

Miyabi is being risen from the womb and transported through the vagina shaped opening to the Shikima demon dimension.

Hiru takes a blade to the gut.

Hiru dies, and now the portal to the demon dimension is wide open.  This episode ends on a cliffhanger.

The big downside is that the fight scenes are just painfully bad.  I get that no one is watching this for the action, but still.  Otherwise, they beefed up the sleaze, with this one having more nudity and (alas) more tentacles (if that's your bag).  I just love how weird and twisted this whole La Blue Girl thing is.


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