Sep 11, 2020

In Hot Blood (1968)

A poor worker named Rita becomes a model to make extra money; but the new career brings trouble of its own.

 Rita (Doris Porro) is a factory worker who's down on her luck.

 She auditions to become a model. 

The models undress for the next shoot.

Roberta (Ruth Colon)

Ruth passes the audition and is invited to their party.

 They do drugs, and dance around naked.

I'm reminded of Madonna's "Deeper and Deeper" music video.

Ruth is basically used and abused; treated like a sex toy at the party.

Ruth makes friends with Roberta.

Ruth, Roberta and the black girl Sandy (Dolores) pain each other.

They get into a fight with Sandy and then run the fuck outta there.

Back at Roberta's place, they get to know each other better.

 Roberta hits Ruth with a belt.

 They take turns. 

 Afterwards, they take a bath.

Uh-oh.  Sandy shows up with a meat cleaver.  Man, I just love the way this shot looks.

Sandy kills Ruth, then Roberta gets her gun and shoots Sandy, but gets killed herself.

 All three girls are dead.

The camera pans out.  THE END

This is rumored to be a Michael Findlay film, and I'd have to agree - it sure does seem like one.  The film is narrated, with no dialog from the actors - and this always detracts from the film, albeit a very common thing for films that couldn't afford sound equipment.  Another downside is that none of the actresses are particularly good looking.


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