Sep 18, 2020

For Single Swingers Only (1968)


Two roommates take up residence in an apartment building advertised "for single swingers only".  What follows is some of the worst acting and gaudy styles you're ever liable to witness.

Gracie (Heide Andersen) tells her story... in very broken English - so bad that it's often difficult to understand what she's saying.  Anderson, in her only IMDb credit, easily qualifies as one of the worst actresses to ever grace VZ1.

Gracie takes a shower.

Her roommate Gloria (Sharon Sanford) has found the perfect apartment for them, listed as "for swingers only" in the newspaper.

Gracie and Gloria meet with the landlady, Ruth.

They're introduced to neighbors Arty and Dave.

Gloria has no shame.

Connie (Shawn Devereaux) is another resident, described by Gracie as the "apartment house nymph, everybody's playmate".

Connie does a bit of exercise. 

Gracie pretties their room up with beautiful decor.

Connie makes a booty call.

Gracie agrees to have sex with Dave as long as he understands she's not that kind of girl.  This is an exception. Dave's like, sure thing baby.

The landlady Ruth likes to peep on the swingers.

Arty tells Gloria that it's nothing to worry about; they know Ruth is a harmless peeper.

Another day in paradise.

Ruth and Gloria get it on.

Philly (Sharon Wells), the new girl, a runaway, introduces herself to Arty and Dave.

Gracie is horrified to find her beloved Dave with the new floozy, Philly.

They just laugh at her.

Gracie is then doubly horrified to find Gloria with Ruth.

Gracie has a public freakout.  

She sees the residents as monsters, devils.  It's unexpectedly disturbing.

It ends with Marcie running traumatized through the streets.

This is one of those films which is impossible to rate and review.  It's objectively bad - poorly made, poorly acted, poorly everything.  Yet, it's so odd - almost a John Waters sleazy-kitsch, that you just can't take your eyes off it. 


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