Sep 5, 2020

Ehemänner-Report (1971)

There seems to be no end to the number of Schulmädchen-Report films released in the seventies.  This one is special because it features both Sybil Danning and Ingrid Steeger.

 Brigitte Mittler (Angelika Baumgart) and her reporter husband Bernd Mittler (Gernot Möhner) are the central wraparound story to the film.

 Bernd is reporting on sex, specifically on marriage amid the sexual revolution.

 Of all the Schulmädchen-Report films, I've never seen one devote so much screen time to on-the-street interviews.  Usually they do these just as a formality, a pretense that this is a documentary and definitely-not a dirty sex film. This one, for whatever reason, goes all-in with these stupid interviews, easily wasting a third of the run time.

 Berndorf (Kim Dimon) is a married man calling his girl on the side....

 Sybille, that girl-on-the-side, just happens to be played by the ridiculously hot Sybil Danning.

 His wife (Elisabeth Volkmann) knows he cheating and begs for his attention.

 He goes to Sybille's place 

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 One day, Sybille breaks it off.

 Elisabeth Volkmann checks herself out in the mirror to see if she's still go it.

 Berndorf returns home and the marriage is saved.

Bernd interviews a whole bowling team. 

Susi (Renate Kasché)  

The first aid kit falls on her lover's head, and she has to revive him.

 Moving right along, Bernd interviews the great Ingrid Steeger

Fricke (Gerd Frickhöffer) is a photographer snapping shots of two nude models.

He comes home to his wife (Nadine De Rangot)

She wakes up and gives him hell, hitting him with a pillow

She finds his photographs of the nude women.

 So, she sets up the camera to take a picture of them having sex.


Dr. Wolf (Max Giese) and student Uschi (Karin Wieland

They have sex out in the reeds.

Check out this seventies super stud.

His girl, Inge (Evelyne Traeger), comes from below deck wearing nothing at all.

 They give their friend Karin Flügel (Rena Bergen) a call who is currently fooling around in a pool.

Hirnbeiss (Josef Moosholzer) and his wife (Waltraud Habicht) a waitress at his pub.

 Hirnbeiss has a thing going on the side with a young girl (Doris Arden)

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One day Hirnbeiss comes over and hears the girl having sex with another guy.

He leaves dejected and returns to his wife. 

Definitely not good.  As mentioned, too much damn time spent on these stupid interviews.  Plus, the stories/vignettes usually contain at least a grain of a story; not here.  Its saving graces are Sybil Danning and Ingrid Steeger; alas, their screen time is woefully brief.

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