Sep 11, 2020

Dr. Dildo's Secret (1970)

A mad scientist has a secret laboratory where he creates women to be sex slaves.  An extremely campy (and sleazy) flick featuring appearances by exploitation regulars Ann Perry, Monica Gayle, Nora Wieternik, and Roxanne Brewer.

 Dr. Andre Dildo (Pete Dawson) conducts his experiments.

 His assistant Miss Crotch (Jan Can)

 She starts to go to town on herself.

 This may be the only film to feature a girl masturbating to The Vitruvian Man

They keep cutting to this stuffed animal - who speaks to the camera.

Ernie (Tommy Toole) tells his girlfriend that there's been an unusual number of pretty girls matriculating around Dr. Dildo's premises.

Ernie's girlfriend is played by Roxanne Brewer

Dr. Dildo's estate

Ernie investigates and finds a hidden compartment leading to a lab.

He finds four nude girls (seemingly dead) in the mad scientist's lab. From left: Ann Perry,  Pamala WestcottMonica Gayle and Jan Davis

Ernie digs what he sees.

Ann Perry doing some serious FFN.  The camera pans all around the unconscious naked ladies.  I was pretty surprised to see Perry doing such a scene; we've certainly seen her nude before, but this is insane.

We all know  Monica Gayle from Switchblade Sisters and a tone of other exploitation flicks covered on VZ1

Perhaps the director should have told Ann Perry to inhale and suck-in for this shot.

 Ernie inspects the women.

 When Dr. Dildo arrives, Ernie threatens him with a gun - convinced he's killed these women for some sick scientific experiment. 

But Dr. Dildo puts his mind at ease by showing him what the ladies are for.  He hooks Ann Perry up to electrodes.

She shows signs of life.  They're not dead after all.

Dr. Dildo thinks back and we get a random flashback featuring Nora Wieternik

 Dr. Dildo demonstrates his technological breakthrough.

 A woman is created from just a few strands of hair.

Dr. Dildo and Ernie examine their new creation.

The actress playing Ernie's newly created sex slave is uncredited.

 Dr. Dildo explains that they have to wash her up before he can hump her.

 Back tot he original four ladies.  Electrodes are applied to them all.

 The machine is cranked up to "eleven".

The ladies come alive and immediately start lusting all over Ernie and the doc.


Man, what an odd and sleazy time this was.  Pretty cool to see Perry, Gayle and Wieternik baring all, and the whole mad scientist shtick was a lot of fun.  This is packed with enough weird curiosities and  filmed in such a lurid manner, that fans of old schlock will definitely not regret watching this. 

Double Feature: How could you not pair this with How to Make a Doll (1968)?  Although, Robot Love Slaves (1971) would also work.

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