Sep 5, 2020

Devil Sorcery (1988)

A sorcerer's apprentice betrays his master and goes on to create trouble in another town, possessing a woman.

 Master Sorcerer Hadi Buli (Feng Ku) is urged by his mistress (Yim-Wah Cheung ?) to help his ailing apprentice, Tung (Kwok-Kuen Chan).  Buli tells her to mind her own damn business.  Tung is an incompetent moron who he knows will betray him one day.

 Buli is out commanding giant phantom heads.

 Meanwhile his mistress takes a shower.

 Tung barges in and carries her out of the shower.

 They have sex, but the master sorcerer finds out.

 Tung kills him then escapes to another town.

 Meet Chiu Wai Ching (Chi-Mei Chin)

Ching is engaged to Hung (Yung Chan). She sees he's wearing a certain medallion which he then gives her.

 They have sex.

Tung is in hiding, and cursed with boils and lesions on his face.

 Tung continues his black magic, which kills several local girls.

Tung meets Ching at a bar.  Her medallion protects her from his spells.

 Later she takes a shower.

Without the medallion on to protect her, Tung's evil sorcery throws her across the room (nude) and puts her under his spell, causing her to act possessed.

 When she wakes up in the hospital she doesn't remember anything.

The spells again at work, causing a giraffe's tongue ot emanate from her mouth.

The family enlists the help of Master Chan (Hoi-San Kwan).

Tung and Master Chan do battle, with Chan, of course, emerging victorious.

I enjoy a good Hong Kong black sorcery flick - trouble is, this wasn't good.  It was real bad.  Most of the film's run time is composed of Hung and Ching's families talking and talking and talking.  Aside from that, the occult battles and effects are pretty fun albeit hokey. There's not much artfulness to the way this was filmed; pretty flat and forgettable.


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