Sep 5, 2020

Day of the Nightmare (1965)

An artist's wife is being stalked by a strange woman in sunglasses straight outta Dressed to Kill. 

 IMDb lists it at 1965 despite the '69 copyright.  The film does look much more like '65.

Jonathan Crane (Cliff Fields) is an artist

 Dee (Lynne Lori) is his nude model today.

 For whatever reason she dances while posing for him.  Odd.

 Dee wants to have sex, but Jonathan is a married man.

He finally agrees but it's got to be his way - where she's tied up and whipped.

 Barbara Crane (Beverly Bain) is his wife who feels lonely because Jonathan is never home.

 She's being stalked by a cross dresser in sunglasses.

A swinger's party.  Perry (Steve Vincent) is the host.

Bambi Allen plays one of the guests.  I love it.

They get blindfolded, the girls take their tops off, and they pair up randomly.

Bambi Allen slides to the floor as her underwear is stripped off.

They hear strange noises coming from next door.

Suspicious activity.  They hear fighting then see Jonathan putting a trunk into his car.

Detective Sgt. Dave Harmon (John Ireland) is on the case, but there's no body.  Did a crime even happen?

He interviews the Cranes.

 Barbara finds this suspicious trunk in their garage.

 Jonathan has invited over a couple models for another painting gig.

Jonathan's has a flashback of his mother (Elizabeth Knowles) having sex with a backdoor man, played by Harvey Shain who was ubiquitous in mid-sixties exploitation.

 An amusing photo of Jonathan as a kid.

 Not-so-amusing shot of Jonathan today, crying his eyes out.

The two lesbian models he invited over just laugh at him and collect their check. (Left: Sheri Jackson; Right: Meri McDonald)

The cross-dressing stalker (obviously fucking Jonathan) is back to scaring Barbara.

 Jonathan has another flashback, this time of his teenage years, with Berta (Dee Lockwood)

A totally random scene with Dr. Philip Crane (John Hart), Barbara's shrink, and his secretary Laura Sisterman (Liz Renay).

After Laura leaves, Jonathan enters and kills the shrink.

 Barbara hears the news and faints.

 Jonathan and the detective carry her to the bedroom.

Later, Barbara catches Jonathan talking to himself in the mirror like Norman Bates.

Before he can kill Barbara, Detective David steps in and saves her.

Definitely a weird one, and maybe worth a watch just as a curiosity.  It's biggest flaw is that, as a thriller, it's never particularly tense or thrilling.  Also, the "mysterious identity" of the stalker is obvious from the start. 


  1. Yes, most of the film is from '65, but the two flashback scenes look to be from '69. After a quick poke around the internet ...:Elizabeth Knowles has exactly the same hairdo that she has in a Dragnet episode from '69. Dee Lockwood's filmography shows she only worked in '69. Plus, the mini-dress she's wearing is definitely '69 not '65.

    1. After a further internet poke, all the scenes with nudity seem to be from '69. You can see the difference in Cliff Fields' hair between the scenes with his wife and the detective and the ones with the models.

      So it's a '69 reedit of and originally '65 film.

    2. Ah, nice digging! Usually films that splice footage between years are so clearly noticeable. This did a pretty good job of appearing seamless - although shame on me for not noticing the time traveling miniskirt.