Sep 12, 2020

A Thousand Pleasures (1968)

A bizarre and rather troubling Michael Findlay flick featuring a murderer who stays at the home of a group of kinky violent lesbians.

Donna Stone does a nice dance in front of mirrors for the title sequence

Richard Davis (Michael Findlay) is a miserable henpecked husband.  His wife constantly nags and and insults him.  Hilariously, the voice of the wife is played by Michael Findlay's actual wife, Roberta Findlay 

 Richard has had enough, and stabs his wife to death.

He takes to the body to a remote location where he meets a couple lesbians.

 The lesbians find the body, and tell him to go to their house.

Their home is "weirdsville", with a woman in a crib. Baby (Kim Lewid) acts like an actual baby.  

She's cared for by Belle (Janet Banzet).

 For the next ten minutes we watch Baby (Kim Lewid) play around in just a diaper. 

Baby sheds her diaper.

This is Kim Lewid's first movie role; so bravo.

 Richard doesn't know what to make of this.

Belle arrives with tea.

And milk for Baby.

The tea is drugged and Richard passes out.

 We meet two other lesbians who live here: Maggie (Uta Erickson) on the table and Jackie (Linda Boyce).  Both wear similar wigs and never wear clothes.

Jackie narrates: "We hate the filthy touch of men. The very sight of their swollen penises is enough to make us vomit."

They have s small party and Belle flirts with guest, Bruno (John Amero).

 Bruno pushes her away, and she falls to the floor.

 If at first you don't succeed...

 Bruno strangles her.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Jackie are having a good time with a blonde guest.

And Richard gets humped by Anna (Donna Stone)

 Belle returns to her room dejected.

She pages through a lesbian skin mag.

 She gets turned on, and masturbates.

Maggie (center) and Jackie (right) take things to the next level with Richard.

 They whack him with a fireplace shovel.

 Then they drag his feet into the fireplace.

When Richard awakens, he stabs Baby to death!

He strangles Jackie to death.

 Anne then smothers him to death with her boob!

 Anne consoles Belle and they fall in love.

Anyone not well acquainted with old-school sexploitation will probably just shake their head, calling this weird and ridiculous.  However, connoisseurs of bad taste will appreciate its bizarre sleaze. Michael Findlay's twisted visions never cease to surprise.

Double Feature:  There's simply no choice here: you have to pair it with Keep It Up Jack (1974) with Linda Regan as the baby.


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