Jul 26, 2020

Women In Prison (WIP)

Other than perhaps slasher films, is there another genre of movie which follows the rules and tropes so faithfully?  Almost all of them have the requisite wicked warden, shower scene, escape attempt, creative torture methods, a shy girl dying, cat fights, tough lesbian who hates the new girl, and prison riot finales. 

WIP Lists: 

The genre officially got its start with Love Camp 7 (1969), then enjoyed immense popularity with endless releases throughout the seventies.  It tapered off by the mid-eighties, but still carries on until this day.  We've covered a number of them on VZ1; below is a list regularly updated.

Love Camp 7 (1969)
Cathy Adams, John Alderman, Kathy Williams, Lee Frost
In For Life (1970)
Phyllis Stengel
The Big Doll House (1971)
Pam Grier, Roberta Collins, Roger Corman
Women In Cages (1971)
Pam Grier, Roberta Collins, Roger Corman
Sweet Sugar (1972)
Phyllis Davis
The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)
Birte Tove, Shaw Brothers
Women in Cell Block 7 (1973)
Italy, Paola Senatore
Katia Christine
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975)
Dyanne Thorne, Donna Young, Colleen Brennan
Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
Lana Wood, Tina Louise
Barbed Wire Dolls (1976)
Jesús Franco, Lina Romay
Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976)
Erna Schurer.
Achtung! The Desert Tigers (1977)
Jesús Franco
Jesús Franco, Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay
Bruno Mattei, Italy
Brazil, Patrícia Scalvi
Women Without Innocence (1978)
Erwin C. Dietrich, Jesús Franco, Lina Romay, Muriel Montossé
Carne apaleada (1978)
Spain, Esperanza Roy, Bárbara Rey
France, Malisa Longo
Nathalie: Escape from Hell (1978)
Patrizia Gori, Jacqueline Laurent.
Caged Women (1980)
German, Erwin C. Dietrich
Bare Behind Bars (1980)
Escape from Hell (1980)
Sadomania (1981)
Andrea Guzon, Gina Janssen, Jesús Franco, Ursula Buchfellner
Amazon Jail (1982)
Concrete Jungle (1982)
Camille Keaton
Chained Heat (1983)
Edy Williams, Henry Silva, Linda Blair, Louisa Moritz, Monique Gabrielle, Stella Stevens, Sybil Danning
Women in Fury (1984)
Hell Penitentiary (1984)
Hell Behind the Bars (1984)
Ginger Lynn
Fury in the Tropics (1986)
Jesús Franco, Lina Romay
Bad Girls Dormitory (1986)
Star Slammer (1986)
Bobbie Bresee, Fred Olen Ray, John Carradine, Ross Hagen
Un macho en la cárcel de mujeres (1986)
Mexico, Rebeca Silva, Maria Cardinal, Alberto Rojas
Lust for Freedom (1987)
Étreintes à la Prison de Femmes (1989)
Caged Fury (1990)
Melissa Moore
Caged Women (1991)
Prison Heat (1993)
Jewel Shepard
Caged Heat 3000 (1995)
Lisa Boyle, prison, Roger Corman
Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995)
Gail Thackray, Jenna Bodnar
Italy, Joe D'Amato
Julie Strain
Caged Hearts (1996)
Tane McClure
Girl Camp 2003: Chained Vengeance (2003)
Kira Reed
Rhonda Shear, Mary Woronov 

Note that we have covered some films which are tangentially WIP films, but don't abide by enough of the genre's tropes to qualify:

Escape from Women's Prison (1978) - none of the scenes actually take place in the prison.
Prison Girls (1972) - a great movie, but the prison aspect is just the springboard to non-WIP stories.
Dracula in a Women's Prison (2017) and Frankenstein in a Women's Prison (2017) - both of these films start at a prison, but then goes off the WIP playbook. Werewolf in a Women's Prison (2006) abides much more closely to the mandatory tropes.
Destroyer (1988) - takes place in a women's prison, but follows almost none of the tropes
The Fifth Floor (1978) - This film follows the tropes as well as an WIP ever made, but takes place in a mental ward rather than a prison, so is disqualified.
Ballgame (1980) - takes place in in a women's prison, but is a comedy-porn, without most of things we know and love about WIP films.
Elsa Fräulein SS (1977) - takes place on a train, but the Nazi sex slaves are subject to the typical WIP tropes.
One Woman For Everyone (1991)  - middle section of film is in a women's prison, but can't really be called a WIP film overall.
Desert Passion (1993) 

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