Jul 22, 2020

Schulmädchen-Report Films

This is just a post to consolidate all our Schulmädchen-Report films covered on VZ1.

You know the films - those faux documentaries from Germany which pretended to be exposés on the sexual revolution among the youth; however, we all know they were just excuses to provide tons of onscreen nudity. In that way, they are very similar to the early faux sex education films such as Mom and Dad (1947) and the "documentaries" on nudism which really just used the subject matter as a legal loophole to show naked ladies.

Another defining characteristic of the Schulmädchen-Report films is that they are presented as a series of vignettes.  It wouldn't be quite right to call them anthology films, as sometimes each story is just a few minutes long. The series of vignettes (usually 6 total) have a wraparound story which links them all. This is generally a "serious" situation such as a courtroom case, a school board meeting deciding the fate of misbehaving teens, etc.

Lastly, the subject matter itself is a bit problematic, and probably explains why these films haven't achieved a significant degree of cult status (even though they often contain cult elements such as exorcisms, satanic rituals, rape-revenge, etc.).  The very idea that we're centering a sexploitation film around high-school girls is pretty damn verboten these days - but rest assured all the actresses are adults.  The first few films feature girls who looked genuinely young - but midway through, they said 'fuck it' and the girls often look like they're in their thirties.   All the films have been released on DVD /Blu-ray and vetted to ensure all actress are adults; however, that doesn't negate that fact that the premise centers on supposed high school girls. But, if that's a beef worth ignoring these films, then that also excludes everything from Halloween to Porky's.

So, enough jibba-jabba.  Here is the list (updated regularly):

Schulmädchen-Report 1 (1970)
Schulmädchen-Report 2 (1971)
Schulmädchen-Report 3 (1972)
Schulmädchen-Report 4 (1972)
Schulmädchen-Report 5 (1973)
Schulmädchen-Report 6 (1973)
Schulmädchen-Report 7 (1974)
Schulmädchen-Report 8 (1974)
Schulmädchen-Report 9 (1975)
Schulmädchen-Report 10 (1976)
Schulmädchen-Report 11 (1977)
Schulmädchen-Report 12 (1978)
Schulmädchen-Report 13 (1980)

Schulmädchen-Report "Spin-Offs"

The popularity of the Schulmädchen-Report films brought about a ton of copycats. Even other countries got in on the action. In the UK we had films like Au Pair Girls (1972), Commuter Husbands (1974) and The Love Box (1972) - and Italy with Tigers in Lipstick (1979). But these films resembled the Schulmädchen-Report films only in the fact that they were anthologies consisting of vignettes wrapped around a sexual theme. They didn't quite have the Schulmädchen-Report flair that you get from the German copycats - which often involved the same directors and cast as the "official" Schulmädchen-Report films.

Also note that a lot of these Schulmädchen-Report films (official and copycats) were re-branded for consumption in the states - often with fake "American sounding" names listed on the movie poster. So for example, VZ1 readers know Ulrike Butz is one of the best German sexploitation stars of all time, but US audiences in 1973 damn sure didn't know her name - and it sure sounds suspiciously like a German... so, the movie poster would put a name like "Shelly Gold" instead. Also, the German sounding titles would often be replaced with titles like "Varsity Playthings" and "Sophomore Sensations".

Urlaubsreport (1971) AKA The Resort Girls
Was Männer nicht für möglich halten (1971) AKA Swinging Wives
Sex in the Office (1971)
Ehemänner-Report (1971)
Calendar Girls (1972)
Mädchen, die nach München kommen (1972) AKA The Swinging Coeds
Zum zweiten Frühstück heiße Liebe (1972) AKA Lonely Wives
Liebesspiele junger Mädchen (1972) AKA Love Games of Young Girls
Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2 (1973) AKA The Young Seducers 2
Der Tanzstunden-Report (1973)  AKA School for Swingers
Vertreterinnen-Report (1973) AKA Between the Covers
Swinging Swappers (1973)
Housewives Report International (1973)
Was Schulmädchen verschweigen (1973) AKA Schoolgirls Don't Tell
Skihaserl-Report (1973) AKA Ski Bunny Report
Wenn die prallen Möpse hüpfen (1975) AKA Bedtime Stories for Grownups
Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen (1976) AKA Tempting Roommates
Schulmadchen Porno (1976) AKA Teenage Games

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