Jun 7, 2020

Scissor Dick (2018)

As you may have noticed, I've been venturing more into Asian exploitation of late.  Taking a breather from Euro-sleaze and American grindhouse before they get tired, and venturing into a totally fresh arena. Here is a J-sploitation film that seems to be making a commentary on feminism and incels.

The film is kinda all over the place; not only nonlinear, but you often don't know if what you're seeing is supposed to be real, or just in the mind of a character.  So, we'll try and walk through the story in a straight line, as best we can.

A narrator explains that we are in a world where women can just point and accuse a man of sexual assault.  This poor guy just looks at a girl the wrong way and he has to cough up money and is interrogated by the police.

We're told that women expect money from men at every turn.

But no matter how much money you give them, they still flock to the good looking guys.

Men flock to adore and obsess over cute pop stars (Maki Aoyama).

While the adoring incels wait in line to see her concerts, she's getting pounded by a "real" man.

There's plenty of illustrations along the way as visual aids.

Finally, we start to get to a story.  Kametaro Diba (Ryô Asagiri) is a desperate virgin, an incel.

He goes to a singles party and feels like an outcast.

He marries the first girl to show him a hint of attention, Tetsuko Megitsune (Rin Ogawa - I think).  

The sad thing is, after a year of marriage, Tetsuko still refuses to have sex with him.  Kametaro works the security camera at a "love hotel" and finds his wife getting pounded by another man!

The indignity of it all - Kametaro gets a boner and masturbates as he watches his wife have sex with another dude.

He storms into the room brandishing a knife.

He murders Tetsuko in brutal fashion.

Then, it's back to the singles club where he meets Usako Inaba (Sasa Handa

They also get married right away, but Usako at least allows him to have sex.  They are both virgins and don't know how it's done.

Kametaro gets a hard-on and sprouts three blades from his crotch.  But it's not real - his mental state is starting to fall apart.

They try again.

He finally penetrates her, and his hard-on again turns into three blades.  Usako is killed... or is she?  Is this still in Kametaro's head?

Kametaro now lives life far from people, as Scissor Dick

The Mysterious Creature Club is out in the forest looking for monsters.  The pop star we saw earlier (Maki Aoyama) is among their ranks.  She's with them simply to appeal to her fan base; she mocks them for being incels.

She's knocked out by a rock as she crosses the bridge. The club members step over her and point to the fabled creature - The Scissor Dick.

But Scissor Dick isn't the only mysterious creature out here.  A woman wearing a bunny costume with a Guillotine Pussy arrives.  She's an ultra feminist come to do battle against Scissor Dick.

Scissor Dick is able to defeat her.

The two come to an agreement to stop the endless war between the sexes, between incels and feminists.  Humans were meant to love each other, not fight.

And so they do.  But is this Scissor Dick and Guillotine Pussy having sex, or is this Kametaro and Usako, two people from opposing sides coming together at last?  THE END

Director Naoyuki Tomomatsu has a lot of fans, and I get there's a statement being made here... but I did not enjoy this movie.  Granted, I'm not the target audience - not even close.  Its worst offense is the way in which it was told, bouncing incoherently between timelines and in-and-out of fantasy, narration and story - it feels like a stupid mess.  


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